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Hi Faris, great post! I used to be a student of Robert Heath (the one that you're citing in your paper) and therefore always get totally excited when people discuss the topic of low attention learning and subconscious decision making. For people that are new to the topic, I would recommend reading this paper that Heath and Feldwick published a few years ago: 50 Years using the wrong model of TV advertising Anyway: While I generally agree that most traditional research models and methods are flawed, it will be interesting to see whether (or how) new technologies will enable us to understand and predict people's behaviour and intention much better due to the vast amount of data that is available. For me, this interception between advertising, science and technology is one of the most exiting challenges in computer science and consumer research. And if this problem should get solved, most of the research methods that we know and rightly criticise will become irrelevant anyway. rock on Michael
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Oct 20, 2010