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Lots of different responses left on this site. I guess we all take away different things...and rightly so. I found the article written by Mr. Jarecke difficult to read. Not because I disagreed with his opinion ( I mostly kind of do though), but because the screen on my laptop kept fogging-up due to the passionate residue forced through my internet connection generated by his typing bloodied fingers, and the mist of heavy breathing that has been known to flow through the end of Gabriel’s trumpet. I have heard of scratch-and-sniff, but this is interactive technology at a new level. – Passion, thy name is Jarecke (with apologies). I did not get from this article - as others have, and that’s fair - the call for the immediate death of Instagram . Although a case could be made for that since the word “Instagram” is found in the Book Of Revelations (666 times) , and is also mentioned in other great religious books; the general consensus in these traditional religious texts being that Instagram is the Devils Darkroom and the chemicals are mixed by a two-headed prostitute with a Facebook logo tattooed on her inner thigh. It is worth mentioning that in each passage of the ancient papyrus leaf books the texts are surrounded by a subtle vignette with a fake Polaroid frame. Back to the article in question: What I read... was a passionate reminder that good journalism requires good tools. IPhones are not good tools for journalism, at least they are not at the technological level that equals the eye of a good photojournalist covering a difficult-to-tell story. No good Editor would limit a good writer to only six letters from the alphabet and three lines, and expect a story to do justice to the subject, or be worthwhile to the reader. But it seems they are willing to ask essentially the equivalent from news photography/photographers. When technology (and accessories) catch up to the ability of the user, the Instagram production pipeline may be the way still images are able to compete against the 24 hr. news cycle of television. At this point, as printed newspapers are swept away into the wave of techno-change, it is hard to blame any company for asking its employees to use something – anything - that might keep them afloat. If Instagram has captured the popular imagination - so be it – and so use it! Unfortunately, news photography will suffer for now until editors and accountants are able to give their employees the rest of that alphabet. When news organizations can make a viable economic effort to choose quality over the masses of ordinary free content, they probably will. I like Instagram . I don’t use it. However, I think if you want to take pictures of your breakfast, or a seal wearing a bathing cap while kissing a monkey... go for it! Actually, I think you should Instagram the living hell out of life. REALLY make it reflect something about YOU. Some of those pictures can make a person’s day, and there is no life that doesn’t deserve recording. So give everyone a cellphone and Instagram life. If an ugly picture happens to save a life somewhere, once-in-a-while, more power to Instagram and the like. Just don’t expect to get the WHOLE story, or one that lasts. Photography is “easy” and in the hands of the masses now – and it should be. Journalism is “easy” and in the hands of the masses now – and it shouldn’t be. Cheers Kenneth, thanks for the article, although I mostly disagree, kind of. Goodness knows you have been there and back, and have the knowledge to inform others in a public forum. I don’t think some who have commented on your article do. Michael
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Nov 1, 2012