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Jun 25, 2012
Yes, I have written Kris privately congratulating him on the article. Every HR professional I know is sick over this. As a former SHRM President @ CEO I just think of all the demands that were placed on me... demands I could not meet if I did not have the knowledge and experience, I had. I know Hank and people like him. Keep him as a great Chief Financial Officer and allow him to supplement a new CEO that is from our profession. What a great team that would make. And don't worry about the SPHR or PHR anytime soon. He does not even qualify to take the test. He lacks the required experience. And please never send him to the "HILL" to testify to Congress. I have testified many times and believe me, you cannot just READ a position paper. It is real time and I have had to not just answer questions but CORRECT many of our elected officials, such as the late Senator Kennedy, Senator Dodd, Senior Metzenbaum, Secretary of Labor Reich, the White House, to name a few. As I have said many times, "You cannot do HR with an empty head." Human resource management is a profession, and you must know the body of knowledge.
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Jun 30, 2011