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Michael Miles
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NG vehicles may have much value, especially in places like Minnesota where we get 80% of our gasoline from Canadian shale oil. Al Gore commented that driving a Prius using shale oil is equivalent to driving a Hummer. If true, it is frightening.
HarveyD. I agree. It would seem to me that by just designing deeper ponds with less surface area might enable a reasonable way to design a containment and capture structure. But then again it does come down to economics and not until there is a price on CO2 emissions will there be an incentive to even consider such costs.
I'm curious about how manufacturers of EVs will deal with the effect of external temperature on batteries. We own a hybrid and notice significant reduction in battery power in both the depth of winter and the peak of summer as evidenced by reduced gas mileage. I'm sure some sort of insulated heating and cooling mechanism could be devised but at what cost to efficiency?
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Aug 24, 2010