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Michael Postlethwait
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Here's what's hard for me: It's not just the fact that somebody I really like is leaving, that's bad enough. The part that makes this so challenging to accept is two things: (1) While I know that there are some in the metro who don't like you, we know that comes with the territory. On the other hand, you are probably one of the most loved talk show guys in the area, national shows included. I know you will be able technically to compartmentalize and at least intellectually differentiate between Dallas, and WBAP from the actions of Cumulus. However, it seems like you would almost have to be a super-hero to totally divorce your feelings about Dallas from the recent actions of Cumulus. That brings me to my 2nd more important point (2)Those who love you do not feel in any way like we have a voice any longer. It would be one thing if this decision had been made on the basis of the market-- like you always say, "let the marketplace decide." That didn't happen here. Cumulus will have to find out the hard way, if they even care. Much love my friend
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May 4, 2012