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Hi Jonathan, When I saw this story break, I had three immediate thoughts: 1. How disgusting and despicable that this crap goes on in 2011. 2. I give the McDonald's PR team kudos for having a crisis plan in place and executed it right away over the weekend. Twice. 3. If I was on their PR team, I would have taken it a step further. You can't make the story go away, so why not make the negative publicity work for you? Turn the story on its ear make it a positive one. I would've recommended an announcement: for every person who tweets "Seriously McDonalds," (the trending term) the company will donate $1.15 (MLK’s birthdate) to Ronald McDonald House. A colleague of mine took it a step further from there: instead of just retweeting "Seriously McDonalds", ask people to retweet "Seriously McDonalds = hoax." And you still make the donation. At your service, Michael E. Rubin Social Media Strategist, Fifth Third Bank Disclaimer: I work for Fifth Third Bank, but this opinion is my own.
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"Lightweight user actions can be applied offline. What are other ways to make it easier than ever for customers to do something?" BINGO! Kevin, you hit the nail on the head. How many times have your customers said in frustration, "I WANT to give you money. Why won't you let me?" The question we as marketers need to ask more is "How can we make our customers lives easier?" Doing so will lead to more business. Guaranteed. RE: the buttons -- My only fear is that the proliferation of buttons will lead to a cluttering of the experience of "liking" or "following." How far will customers go down this path when the whole aim from the beginning was in fact to *declutter* the social experience? At your service, Michael
It blows me away to think that this song is 18 years old now. I bought the CD the day it came out and listened to it on my father's stereo. What came out of those speakers was delightful, terrifying, and enthralling. It was Eurotrash, William Gibson, and a bit of outer space all jammed up together. Awesome stuff then, even better today. "Don't worry baby, it's gonna be alright Uncertainty can be a guiding light I hear voices, ridiculous voices Out in the slipstream Let's go, let's go overground Take your head out of the mud baby! She's gonna dream up The world she wants to live in She's gonna dream out loud She's gonna dream out loud Dream out loud." Thanks for sharing the love, amigo!
Toggle Commented May 22, 2011 on Dream out loud at Achtung Baby!
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Well done, Gavin. I get this question a lot, and I will definitely have to refer them here. Your infographic sums up a complex idea in a succinct, actionable manner. Cheers! Michael
Toggle Commented Apr 5, 2011 on Social Media: How to Listen at Servant of Chaos
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Outstanding post, Kevin. This quote is killer: "We have a responsibility to teach younger generations how it all works. If we try and block access to keep it out of the schools we are not protecting students over the long term. We're ensuring their skills won't be as relevant." Frankly, you could make the same argument for companies that block Social Media access to their employees.
"Facebook buried the lede" is a true understatment. So much of what was announced yesterday is going to have an impact on the way we interact on the Web for a long time to come. One item in particular that raised my eyebrows was the auto-update of your profile. Here is how it works: 1> Suppose you go to a website that has the "Like" functionality turned on. Let's use the IMDB page for "It's a Wonderful Life" as an example. 2> You click on the "Like" button. The IMDB page now says "Michael E. Rubin and 10 others like this." 3> At the same time, my Wall on Facebook is now updated: "Michael likes It's a Wonderful Life (1946) on IMDb." 4> And at the same time as that, the Likes and Interests section of my profile is also updated to show that "It's a Wonderful Life" is a movie I like. Why is this a Big Deal? Let's be honest. Most people only update their Profiles with their Likes and Interests at the time they joined Facebook. After that, it's neglected and often forgotten. Marketers use that data (in part) to serve ads that are relevant and targeted to you. If it's not updated, you're going to see irrelevant ads. For marketers, that's money spent poorly. Think about it. Now your Profile -- and all of its relevant Likes, Interests, and demographic data -- will now update itself automagically every time you "Like" something on the Web. That means marketers will have fresher, more relevant data to use when targeting consumers. And it all happens behind the scenes without the consumer having to do anything more than simply click "Like." Cue the swell of the orchestral soundtrack Ed Dale goes into more (admittedly histrionic) detail here: Disclosure: I work with Kevin at Empower. This is my opinion.
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Apr 22, 2010