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Michael Smith
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Nice, that opening has the style and reserve I hoped for from Farrell's "The Siege of Krishnapur."
Toggle Commented Apr 30, 2013 on The Paymaster's Counterfoil at Ephemeral Firmament
Ha, thanks for the mention! And I loved Rogue Male as well, one of those books where you're not sure quite how the author's going to pull it off, and sure enough he does.
God just read Riddley Walker already, it's just everything a book should be. Kleinzeit is a good one as well.
Toggle Commented Dec 17, 2011 on Russell Hoban, 1925-2011 at Ephemeral Firmament
Yeah! Dyer is the ambivalent slacker's Orwell. Though not sure we can call you a slacker anymore...
Death in Varanasi, not Geoff in Viranesi. But at least you got the 'in' right... Love that picture too, though, as well as the book. Weirdly I just posted on Facebook about a NYT article he wrote.
Those covers! My mom had that edition of C.P. Snow's "The Masters". I remember it vividly. Norman Cantor's "Inventing the Middle Ages" has a chapter on Pirenne, if I remember right--along with Tolkien and a bunch of other real characters. It's a completely fascinating book made up of biographies of medievalist scholars and how their personal histories relate to the way we see the Middle Ages today. You should check it out. I see the Anchor edition of Pirenne's book "Medieval Cities" in used bookstores all the time and tried reading it maybe ten years ago. I have to confess I didn't finish...
Just a few days ago I bought a book--at Shakespeare and Co., no less!--called "The Road to Xanadu": It's a study of the way the literary imagination works, using Coleridge's Ancient Mariner and Kubla Khan as the case studies. Looks very meaty and digressive and eccentric and erudite...
Man, I started 1974 and it was just too bleak, which surprised me--I'm usually on board with English bleakness. But I had to stop. That said, he's a good writer and I still have GB84 on my list of books to read (it may be bleak as well but it won't be murderously so).
I'm reading a dual biography right now! Adam Sisman's "The Friendship: Wordsworth and Coleridge"--so far it's great. That and Orwell's "Coming Up for Air" are keeping me pretty happy these days. BTW I never played for the Celtics.
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May 20, 2011