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Keep your publishing kids... that's all you should read from this story.
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Agreed Bruce! Whole-heartedly. What has disappointed me about this process is the cheerleading from so many independents on a Major label play. We all know that eventually RIAA, the labels themselves and even PROs will decide how much, what, how and where this process will work for the rest of us - simply by defining licensing agreements and arriving at "profitable margins." Sure it makes sense to them, it's almost another format replacement cycle isn't it? It fits into the Bright Subscription future- which will mostly aid legacy artists, out of prints, and hits- nicely. My fear is that when it breaks, and it surely will break fantastically (Sony hello?), it will be yet another black eye for the industry as a whole. Further Blogged my humble opinion on it here: "Ain't No Sunshine - Cloud Music"
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Brian, We have met actually and I respect you and all of your work greatly..... and @hishamdahud coverage has been excellent - per usual. You are correct to point it out- that post was way too negative; and as someone interested in moving this thing forward, that was partially unfair. I apologize, as it was not meant as shot against you or the spirit of the Summit, just the results. I have worked, and built relationships, with many of the people who attended and it is actually conversations with those people that I am expressing. Your effort in making this conference a destination for forward- thinking Music Tech is beyond respectable and contrary to many others, it is produced extremely well. I should mention Gobbler, TopSpin Media, Rovi, Songkick, Soundcloud, Soundexchange and others were excellent and are truly making a difference today for Independents. We use them all currently. Without getting into whether I, personally, attended, I did have people I paid for and there were more private arguments than maybe you are aware of, especially in the Publishing /IP/Copyright realm. My intention here is only to push for solutions for the people that need them the most and they need them now. This is not new: Too often these conferences skew to Major label needs which are not always in the best interest of independent labels, artists and publishers- or even startups. I think you would agree that especially at this event most attendees, if not all, are not playing the Major label game and need statistics that are relevant to their business model. I'm a huge fan of Bopler's potential in Social Media Music and Evan's StageIT has personally been important to many clients. Elevator pitches (well hosted by you) and live demos were excellent as well. My point here is there seemed to be no dissent present concerning Cloud or subscription because it was not in the presenting companies' interest and that doesn't seem good for anyone. I would refer you to the dustup in the Lyrics Services panel for another example of attendee's concerns that went unresolved. Thank you for all of your work and I will continue to support SF Music Tech Summit, as I think others should. Surely we can agree on a healthy debate. I just believe there should be solutions, not just connections, much akin to Mr. Allen's comment above about Apps. Perhaps I am alone in expressing my opinion of this, but I know I am not alone in the sentiment.
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$600 for "lots to think about?" So frustrating, where are the solutions? A lot of prognosticating on what "will" or "might" happen using stats that only apply to majors... People, the Cloud is NOT ubiquitous and is at best unsettled legal territory Additionally, less that 50% of M/F even KNOW what a subscription service is and less are interested. Big points "We need to overhaul Copyright " duh! but who is "we" and how long has that lark been thrown around? "People prefer man-machine and not man-man discovery" Ok, stop asking your friends what they're listening to and definitely don't read reviews or blogs or twit streams- just trust the machine, specifically MOG's machine. Best info-> Sign up for SoundExchange. Totally agreed. You might get enough to cover your registration fee back, but probably not. Sorry, I don;t want to be negative, tell me where I am wrong on this. Did I miss the solutions for the intended audience of independent professionals?
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May 11, 2011