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Thanks for the props, Des. I think the big agencies - all of whom stand on the crumbling pillars of highly paid media, cultures that value creativity over business impact, and a staff leverage model from the 1930's - are all screwed. At Holland-Mark we start with the observation that people - in both their business and personal lives - are only spending money on what they consider imperative. Meeting that standard isn't about "small-m marketing." The days when snappy print ads will move a sub-standard product off the shelves are gone. "Consumers," as we used to call them, have too much power today. Growing in the Imperative Economy will require "big-M Marketing," meaning a willingness to tackle the substantive issues related to the relevance of your offering, the clarity of your message, the consistency of your communication, and your ability to drive engagement among a group of brand advocates large enough to support your business. We help clients establish that cycle... to "corrupt" their vision with the external reality. In a nutshell, Holland-Mark helps businesses connect with, respond to, and benefit from the truth about their customers, products, and brand relationships. That's what we are today, and what we think agencies need to become to win.
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Mar 31, 2010