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Des Moines, Iowa USA
prolonged curiosity combined with a linebacker's determination
Interests: History, design, ancient Greek/Hebrew, college football and the performance side of branding
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spot on, Gavin! I spend my days moving organizations to a place where first they believe in the power of experience, then they design experience and finally deliver the branded experience. In the 21st century branding is more a performing art than it is a graphic art! Keep creating...and poking at the paradigms, Mike
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I'm listening to the audiobook "Bob Dylan in America" these days. So maybe that is why this question came to mind: I wonder who will write the folk song chronicling the Molly Norris story? I think she deserves a song more than newspaper ink. Keep creating...we're not done, Mike
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Steven, Thanks for adding to the conversation with your book, video and willingness to share. You hit on something I've thought about as well: CS Lewis said, "we read in order to know we are not alone." There are a lot of us with partial solutions and ideas in search of a complete hunch! Keep freaks people out, Mike
Haven't told you in recent days how much I appreciate you and your blog. Bill, glad you're firing things up a bit more here. Anderson's presentation reminded me of Prof Hendricks at Dallas Seminary teaching us Bible study methods. Observation: here is what we're seeing going on at TED and in the world of idea driven action Interpretation: here is what we think it means. Application: here is what we at TED are doing and going to do because of what we see and believe. Thanks for stirring thins your special way! Keep freaks the predictable types, Mike
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Diego, I was hoping you would be working on the final set of principles. But I figured it was summer and you needed to catch your breath! metacool is favorite read of mine. Thanks for sharing all that you're learning. Keep, Mike
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I like to tell clients; being fully human is the ultimate competitive advantage. Thanks for the lead on the Adage link! Keep creating...a human friendly marketplace, Mike
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James Taylor's song, Walking Man came to mind reading this post and watching the video. The passage of time is the inescapable reality every designer must remember. Keep creating...and co-creating, Mike
Toggle Commented Jun 9, 2009 on How will it look through time? at metacool
Diego, I'm with you, I really like the quote and feel it reflects a kind of natural instinct I've had running through my work for a long time. It also made me wonder about childhood experiences where I would look around and build things from whatever I could find; orange crates, abandoned ham radio equipment, duct tape, etc. Is there inside us a natural idea gathering, prototype developer that gets discouraged over time and disappears? Keep creating...ideas worth stealing, Mike
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Sean, this looks like an awesome line up! Would love to hear you present. I can see why you are jazzed. Blow the roof off the place on 4/9!!! Keep creating...practical surprise, Mike
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OK, just watched...that was very good! MORE! Keep creating...I know you will, Mike
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Sean, great way to advance the conversation! And Armano is the perfect guy to experiment with! Grin. Will give this a look and give more informed feedback. But wanted to encourage you along! Keep creating...with abandon, Mike
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Thanks for the opportunity to be part of this venue and join in the conversation. Reading all thee other contributors has my mind racing. How am I going to get any sleep this weekend! Keep creating...unexpected kindness, Mike
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Love the Steve Jobs quote. A lot of folks need a fresh set of eyes. Keep creating...Mike
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Thoughtful post Jon - and I like how you embrace your contribution, "as someone who many people will see as part of the problem". Fear does seem to be driving our children indoors. And there they find kinds of entertainment that drive them even farther inside themselves. I wonder where it all ends. Thank you for sharing your reflection!
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