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One L
New England
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So, my high school girlfriends and I went to a Bike Rally.. well they went with me, because I wanted to see David Nail. Hey, I was home for the weekend in Va Beach and he was in Chesapeake - it was only 30 minutes away! Anyway, as the show... Continue reading
Posted May 3, 2011 at One L's Blog
This list will be changing as the year goes forward... January: 2 New Things! Saw David Nail twice within 2 days… in 2 different states; Going to Nashville for the first time and attended the Grand Ole Opry – and see Toby Keith & Trace Adkins February: Seeing Toby Keith... Continue reading
Posted May 3, 2011 at One L's Blog
2011 New Year Resolutions I’m a little late posting this, but I did do resolutions this year. I’ve done the same ones before and love them! I think they are positive and help with expanding your horizons… not fixing something you see as “wrong” with you. 1. Do something new... Continue reading
Posted Jan 27, 2011 at One L's Blog
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Jan 23, 2011
I come home from work and take my position on the sofa. I dozed off before I was able to make dinner. At some point, my cell phone beeps that I have received a text message… I crawl to my phone it reads “watch me on conan tonight I will... Continue reading
Posted Jan 22, 2011 at One L's Blog
Zack and I arrived Tuesday. We were absolutely STARVING when we got off the plane, so we grabbed a cab - checked in to our hotel and went to lunch. We chose Bandera -- perfectly located directly across the street from the hotel -- we had a completely reasonably priced... Continue reading
Posted Jan 22, 2011 at One L's Blog
This is from a few years ago... on another blog but wanted it somewhere else as back up b/c frankly... I find it hilarious! So today, I decided to leave my place and do some errands. I looked pretty casual, but cute, with my Old Navy Flirt jeans, lt teal... Continue reading
Posted Jan 22, 2011 at One L's Blog
I went to the Dermatologist with what I was calling a "rash" and 3 round marks on the arm... apparently, this was Livedo Reticularis... after further research, this is a sign of many different things including Lyme and autoimmune disorders... at first he said that was nothing, but after reading... Continue reading
Posted Jun 3, 2010 at One L's Blog
After a very traumatic and stressful week, today I had something I haven't had before... 4 circular marks on my arm... in the same location that I saw the mark after hiking in October 2009. Two of the marks look like very faint bulls eyes... I made an appointment with... Continue reading
Posted May 28, 2010 at One L's Blog
Since the only thing I can confirm with the Drs is that I have Iritis, the eye infection I had never experienced previously yet it started 5 days after hiking and exposure to ticks, and HLA B27, a genetic marker, so there is nothing I can do about that, but... Continue reading
Posted May 16, 2010 at One L's Blog
Donna, I went to lunch with one of my best friends today and we were talking about the Lyme... she was telling me she thinks her mom has it - they live in NH. She knows she was bit, had the bullseye and is still showing up negative in the bloodwork! I'm in shock that her Drs won't treat her - she even had the bullseye. I understand not treating me (well, not really, but yeah) but someone with the bullseye for sure has it... I'm appalled with the treatment of Lyme - or lack thereof.
Toggle Commented May 17, 2010 on A shadow of who I once was at One L's Blog
Thank you. I just added the information from my rheumatologist -- were you told you were tall and lanky with a vitamin d deficiency, too?? lol It's the first time I've broken down and cried to a dr. He seemed to feel really awful that he had no answers for me, but I guess if you don't show it in your blood test.... they just don't treat you. I'm in Massachusetts and I honestly hoped this dr was a LLMD. I feel so at a loss. He kept saying I should have fluid in my joints, but my joints will swell and it will go away... it's not constant pain... it's so sporadic, but I can't do too much or I'm out cold for days sleeping. I was at the Celtics/Cavs playoff game last night and pushed through the night... suffered today, because I went without a nap and the iritis in my eyes caused such issues with my eyes. They literally felt like cotton balls in my eye sockets they were so dry and sore all day. If you don't have the target and you don't have a positive blood test - what do you do? It seems so well known that people go years undiagnosed b/c it doesn't show in their blood and target/rashes aren't always there for infected people... why don't they look at the possibility? Why not just give us the antibiotics and test our theory? It's so frustrating.
Toggle Commented May 15, 2010 on A shadow of who I once was at One L's Blog
I always said I would start a blog about the troubles of dating as a 30-something, but as of late, this is not the focus of my life. A year ago, I was a fun loving, cared about my appearance, girly girl that was able to have a conversation without... Continue reading
Posted May 14, 2010 at One L's Blog
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May 14, 2010
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