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Michelle Duckworth
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What a very handsome & happy boy, Peanut is!! Such an inspiration, attitude is everything! He is very blessed to have such caring, loving & compassionate hoomans taking care of him. Sending lots of love to the sweet, Peanut!
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We have seen sweet Chickie before on a Dachshund site and we think she totally rawks!! She is quite the inspiration, with her outgoing and fun attitude! Sendin' out lots of love for the special girl!
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Charlie is such a cutie patootieee!! And such a lucky lil' fella, to have a loving & dedicated owner. Animals are amazing, they tend to adapt to just about anything life throws their way. Thanks for sharing Charlie's journey....he is AWESOME!!
Toggle Commented May 18, 2011 on Special Needs Pet Feature: Charlie at Joyful Paws
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Thank You, Barbara for featuring my sweet, Cassidy! And thank you, to all our friends, for the ever so kind comments. We love our supportive friends! Cassidy truly is a blessing. There's alot that animals can teach us, if you listen and watch with an open heart.
Toggle Commented May 10, 2011 on Special Needs Pet Feature: Cassidy at Joyful Paws
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May 9, 2011