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(Tears) Oh Kathy, I'm just now seeing this. I'm so, so sorry friend!! Sending love to your grieving heart. (((Hugs)))
Toggle Commented Jul 20, 2012 on Rest In Peace at Alter Everything
I love this, Kathy. Perfect quote. xoxox
I read this shaking my head the whole time. Yes, much of the medical community is extremely arrogant. If it wasn't in there books in medical school; it doesn't exist. If the pharmaceutical companies don't make a drug for it; it doesn't exist. Oh gesh, don't get me started. I'm sorry you've had to go through that, Kathy. I'm sorry we all have. I'm sorry the politics are the way they are in medicine. They are so dismissive of what they do not know. Let me remind you, and I say this in all sincerity, YOU ARE NOT CRAZY! They're refusal to step out of their safe, comfortable, know-it-all boxes is what's utterly crazy. You, my friend, are beautiful, brave, intelligent, compassionate, capable, articulate and smarter than most doctors. Whatever this year brings, whatever choices you make, know you make a difference in the biggest way. How? By the way you love people.
I couldn't love this more!! You nailed it, Kathy. And you nailed it in the most unique way. Pretty darn cool too. Thanks friend. Love you!
Totally agree with everyone. This is such a powerful, beautiful post! Your words impact our hearts. I missed the Gabby Giffords special; dang it. But I've been truly amazed at her spirit; so strong and determined. A lot like you. May we all be inspired and encouraged by those who fight through their messes and find something beautiful. Thanks for reminding me, Kathy. XOXOX
I love this. I love that you look deeper into Lyme; beyond just the physical; beyond the outward (which we all know can be so hard to do). I love that you are looking at what you can learn from this. It's a painful but precious process; a transformative process. Thank you for writing, Kathy.
Toggle Commented Nov 16, 2011 on Day 347: It Will If I Say So at Alter Everything
I am so excited to hear this, Kathy! I hope and pray for continued improvements with the Unda's. I know ANY improvement is a welcome change; especially with your frozen shoulder and pain. I've been using Unda's off/on for a few years. And they are potent, girly! I've been on 2, 9, 15, 24 and 258. My doc loves all the Undas. Can't wait to see what happens. You know I'm always following along with you. Love how you described muscle-testing btw. Great way to explain it. So super-heroish :) Take care dear friend. Love you!!
Toggle Commented Nov 16, 2011 on Day 350: A Tale Of Three UNDAs at Alter Everything
Kathy, I LOVE this!! More importantly, I LOVE you!!! Hope you feel better, find a delicious cuppa decaf that makes you want to sing, have fun hanging with the cool, coffee house hipsters, write more than you have in months, get discovered by a happenin' publisher and find a really good massage therapist in Savannah. Take care of yourself sweet friend. You are thought about more than you know. (((Hugs)))
I hear you, Kathy. The middle of the rope. It's so....not acknowledged very often. The only thing I could say about being in the middle of the rope is to swing. Swing and scream and laugh and cry. Probably won't have any impact on Lyme but it sure could be fun and perhaps provide a little comic relief :p Hoping your pain is better. Wow. That's interesting about your doc injecting Traumeel. Did it offer much relief? I agree about the infrared light. My doc let me use her's once and I couldn't believe how much it helped. So I ordered one. Love you friend.
Toggle Commented Nov 4, 2011 on Day 337: In The Middle at Alter Everything
Kathy, I relate sooooo much! In fact, you penned it perfectly. Although the details of our lives are different, the general effect of Lyme and all it brings is a sure commonality. Between all the doctors appointments and therapies and and travel and dealing with the regular exhaustion/fever/pain/not feeling good.....we're worn out. I daydream about the things I want to do too. Simple things that I haven't been able to do in a very long time. And even on a semi-good or decent day, there's only so much energy to expend and then thats it. Nobody can possibly know what the depths of chronic illness is like or how dramatically it changes your life unless they've had first hand experience. Hope it helps to know I understand exactly where you're coming from. Love you. XOXOX
Toggle Commented Oct 18, 2011 on Day 320: Time Flies at Alter Everything
Oh my dear sweet friend.... This is such a roller coaster ride. I just read your post about the UVBI therapy before this one and I'm thinking it has to be playing a role in how you're feeling. Do you have to repeat the therapy at a certain point? It's so interesting. I saw a new chiropractor last week and he was talking about the UVBI. I so pray this will yeild better health for you. I want you to be well. I want us all to be well. I'm cyber sending you a steaming hot cuppa tea, a box of kleenex (love the artwork btw; it really conveys how you must be feeling), a hand to hold and much heartfelt love!!! Always thinking of you. XOXOXOXOXO
Toggle Commented Oct 9, 2011 on Day 312: All Rise. No Shine. at Alter Everything
First of all, seeing a new doc is a big deal. I hope he can bring some new insight to the table that will really benefit you. I'm glad to hear that he was understanding. Secondly, I also just read the post about your insurance company, which must be why you are going to a new doc. Or least a primary reason. I won't even go there :/ Thirdly, I'm SO sorry to hear about your virus levels. I empathize with you very much! I have battled the same thing for a long time myself. CMV and EBV were high again for me back in the summer and I felt absolutley awful. All those viral infections on top of Lyme... Well, there just really are no words. Lastly, know that I'm thinking about you and caring very much. Love you, friend. (((Hugs)))
Wow, this sounds encouraging. Ever heard of Dr. Chi? I've taken some of his herbal supplements before and found them very helpful. Kathy, I hope and pray for even greater, lasting improvements for you friend. I hope and pray one hour in your art studio soon turns into two. Then three. And then perhaps half a day. I hope and pray your breathing becomes easier again. Unlabored. Normal. Brighter tomorrow, look out; here we come!
Toggle Commented Sep 21, 2011 on Day 292: GU Lyme Update at Alter Everything
I always love the way you write so authentically, Kathy. People relate to that. I relate to that. Perfection is such a big fat lie that gives nothing back in return except for emptiness. We might be a big beautiful mess but there's a great work in progress. You are beautiful too. Don't. Ever. Forget. It.
Okay, I've got my update. You wrote exactly what I was wondering about. I'm sorry you're feeling so bad physically. The exhaustion alone is debilitating, I know. Ugh. I think it's a great idea to lay off all meds for a few days and give your body a break. I do that on occasion too. My heart is with you, friend. I know there is alot of uncertainty. Lets just acknowledge that. But there is also alot of love and support as well. There is also alot of toughness we collectively bring to this table called Lyme. We are all in this to-ge-ther; each of us working to find something to help make that significant difference. Sometimes, there just aren't any words; only hugs. (((HUGS))) Love you, Kathy.
Toggle Commented Sep 8, 2011 on Day 280: Leap at Alter Everything
Lol x 3. I love the letter and like your Angel very much! Man, he looks so much like Johnny Depp. That says something if you're still laughing after 8 years. You both are wonderful people. Trust me; I know these kinds of things :D Love to you and Angel.
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Aug 7, 2011
Really interesting.
Oh and nice video clip. Made me feel better :) I love Burt and Ernie! Who doesn't love Sesame Street?
Toggle Commented Jul 1, 2011 on Day 211: The Race To Nowhere at Alter Everything
I love your honesty and transparency, Kathy. I totally get it. And I love that you are giving yourself the gift of acceptance. Not easy I know. But this is a lesson for many of us. Thank you for blogging about what's on your heart. And I think you're beautiful too! As a friend of mine often says to me - Be gentle with yourself.
Toggle Commented Jul 1, 2011 on Day 211: The Race To Nowhere at Alter Everything
I love tea! And tea parties! Great pics. Looks like it was tremendous fun with good friends. So glad to hear you had such a wonderful afternoon, Kathy. While they may be few, those are the times that are well cherished even long after. They give you something to go on and recall with a smile during those long days, weeks and/or months when you aren't able to get out. Take care. Love and Blessings to you!
Toggle Commented Jun 26, 2011 on Day 206: Time for Tea 2011 at Alter Everything
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Jun 26, 2011