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Michelle McMillen
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So good to see you back to blogging! I was thinking about you just the other day….
I have a blog, email and a cell phone. Call me out of touch, but I see no point in signing up for a billboard, I mean, Facebook! I'll spend that time spinning, thank-you!
Such a joyful post; I could almost SEE that beaming boy!
If there was no blood, it seems unlikely that his hoof was trimmed too short. Have you checked between his toes to make sure he doesn't have a twig or something stuck up there?
There is a man who lives just a few miles from me who is known nationally for his spinning wheel repairs and restorations. I have talked to him but have had no need for his services, but those who have used him say his work is outstanding and reasonable. He can make replacement bobbins for ANYTHING. Let me know if you want his number, and I'll look it up.
Congrats on the two new shops! I wonder sometimes if I would ever have enough fiber and yarn to open an Etsy shop (at least I don't have to deal with sales tax in Oregon). At this point I have no burden. Anyway, I'm a graphic artist/designer as well, but really can't take on more than my small list of regular clients and homeschool at the same time.
Of course, sheep don't usually NEED grain, but if you want to give some as a treat/training aid and want to reduce the risk of choke, you can put some stones (like the size of plums or apples) in the grain feeder so they can't inhale it. Horses sometimes need this, too (with bigger rocks).
We are involved in a homeschooling cooperative, so I am always thinking about what I can do to fulfill my teaching requirements. The class you taught at the library sounds do-able, maybe; would you be willing to share more, like class outline, materials list, etc.?
I found your blog through Kristi's link; I love to follow other Shetland shepherds' blogs! Love the way you title your posts with quotes, and look forward to being able to read back through your archives.
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Oct 18, 2010