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The real truth is in the bible people the proof is there who Jesus really is in john14;6! The way the truth and the life and he is what the bible describes him clearly ! Hello! IN the book of Daniel twice he saw a vision if the real Jesus and described him in chapter 7 and chapter 10! Read he said he has wooly hair not straight hair !! And that he his face look like lightning! And his eyes like fire and his arms and feet are the color of brass!! Not white!! And john said the same thing in revelation chapter 1; verses 13-15! Wooly hair red eyes and dark skin! How dark you say!? As if it burned in a furnace or an oven!!! That sounds like a very dark man to me!! Now u know the real truth my Jesus is not a white man or Chinese man He is exactly what he is according to the word of the lord an African black king of kings!! World! And I love him just the way he truly is!! Forever!!! And I'm proud of it!! Jesus is black!! And beautiful!! And if u are ashamed of that that's being ashamed of him and he will be ashamed of u too!! And racism is a sin and unacceptable behavior to God!! So if anyone here is shame on u! Jesus wants us to love him as he is !! No matter what the race!!! But he is who heis do these racist white lies must stop!! Enough is enough!! Know the real truth and it will set u free!!
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Feb 22, 2015