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My friend and 'insurance person' Sherry Covington will be happy to give you a clue about filing Medicare forms, phone (972) 445-0086. She probably wouldn't mind a little consulting business to supplement what she makes in my office. She seems to get those forms right. I don't want to see single payor, recently commented on the Health Care blogspost at, the Economist mag blog about one of my galling experiences with Medicaid. Nevertheless, I like to treat some poor people so take Medicaid because, really, as the cigar smoker said, 'Where would I go to get insulted?' We can bitch about insurance but as my VA boss said a recurrent theme of nineteenth century British fiction was the difficulty the doctor had getting paid. Insurance is a forced savings so that the analogy to the question at the gas station, 'I need 2 dollars to get to Denton can you help me out?' doesn't come up when most people have a major illness.
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