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About ice thickness measurements, I use this occasion to point you to some recent works from ... seismologists. Yup, seismologists. The idea is the following : seismometers are able to measure sea ice inertial oscillations. These oscillations are linked to thickness and extent. The advantage is that it is not a local measurement but an average over a wide area - the default being that this is not a local measurement, and thus you loose resolution Here is a link to the abstract : My apologies if you already cover that. But it could be a way to improve PIOMAS efficiency. Another way with seismometers to obtain measurements on 1 km² area could be to measure the flexural waves travelling through sea ice, these waves are directly linked to the ice thickness and quality. But a seismometer costs some money, and the measure (although not exactly local) does not cover much ...
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Jul 7, 2013