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That is a tough epiphany. I've had a few of my own and I've been left feeling uneasy, startled and wondering if my perception is accurate...but my gut told me otherwise. In the big picture I think, no, I believe these are valuable insights, however painful in the short term. Thank you for sharing your experience, and keep working on that handstand ;) Best, Kira
Love this post. That blasted excuse...the "best they could" has infuriated me more times than I can count. On the other hand, I have come to realize those that often utter the phrase...they simply cannot relate to a childhood like mine. Its too painful and uncomfortable for them. When I recognize that, it helps me manage my reaction. And I wouldn't wish my experience on anyone. Sigh :) I'm older now, and the last few weeks I have been teaching myself to do a handstand. Don't tell anyone;) but I'm sporting fresh bruises and having so much silly fun. Friends are laughing at my antics, we all laugh but the truth...I'm a 40+ woman who was not allowed to play as a child. Literally. I never threw a ball, rode a bike....its ridiculous in a way, but I give myself the liberty today, I'm right there checking out that pretty little caterpillar! And these days, I have a beautiful red bike :-) Life may not be fair, but I'm still here, so its also not too late for a second childhood. Thank you for posting, I'm off to my antics, I hope you are as well, Cheers, Kira
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Feb 26, 2011