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Midnite Scrapper06
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Jan 13, 2013
My biggest pet peeves with stamps are: Hard to store the mounted chunky ones Cumbersome to clean sometimes 'cause I obsess with the crevaces. lol AND the wood ones are not always easy to "eyeball" the placement. LOVED the little video. Pinning this page. I love it!
Please tell me why this post just about made me cry. I have always been afraid of the blank, white pages! Once I get started, it's not too bad - but I am just frozen sometimes to begin with. Then when I DO finally start, it's almost like I do the same 'ole same 'ole because I want to stay "safe". Thank you so much for this post. I am glad to have 5 new ideas!
Found you over at Simple Things. I love getting "snail" mail and I have a goal to send out two pieces of hand-written mail each week in March! Great reminder. =) Sherry!~
Toggle Commented Mar 8, 2011 on The Simple Things Sunday at My Simple Little Life
That meal looks amazing and I think I will be thinking about it for a while. lol It is better to eat clean and simple - yet we don't! Good for you for getting on that. =) Found you at Simple Things
Peachy Cheap is a great name for this company!! Can't wait to check out their daily deals. =)
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Feb 17, 2011