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Dominique King
Interests: travel, history, hockey, geocaching, hiking, reading, photography, painting, classic movies, Where’s George, motorcycling
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I've been reading the China Bayles series since Day One...and can't wait to read this new book!
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"Terror" is a book that Tim found, and we both read it. It was pretty fascinating a bit unnerving. I like the books with a Midwest tie, and usually do several of these lists over the course of a year. I've a few more that I'll put up before Christmas...mostly political and a little music. Let me know if there are other books I should try and check out for future lists :)
Thanks for stopping by, John! It's been a couple of years since I've been down there myself! Definitely hope we get back down there soon!
End of the summer means I'll have a double batch of wrap-up posts--look for part 2 of this month's travel links tomorrow :)
I'm so glad Jessie was nice enough to allow me to share it with my readers here...I'd definitely like to be out on the lake watching it now :)
I'm thinking the no-power-on-the-bridge thing would creep me out enough!
Toggle Commented Jul 1, 2016 on A ghostly tale in Elmore, Ohio at Midwest Guest
The statue will be in Royal Oak until sometime in November if my memory serves me correctly. I really did have to take a second look when I first saw the statues in Carmel to see that they weren't real!
Congratulations to the both of you, Paul! This spot is definitely one of Detroit's hidden gems :)
Thanks for stopping by and adding to Laura's story, Joey! What little I did learn on my own was fascinating, and I'd love to see someone do a more detailed biography or, as someone else suggested, a film about her life.
Thanks for stopping by, James! We'll definitely have to check things out further next time we get down towards Fort Wayne (we're in metro Detroit). The history is always fascinating to me...more especially so as Indiana is celebrating it's 200th anniversary of statehood. Pig farm? I'll have to look for that site!
Hi Tina-I'm not affiliated with the lighthouse...just a lighthouse enthusiast who likes to write about them on my own travel blog. My best suggestion would be to try calling the Old Lighthouse Museum at (219) 872-6133. They open for the season on April 1 and might be able to help! This is the museum director's email Good luck!
Buildings on Wayne State's campus are pretty much in good repair. The campus has drawn a lot more residential students in recent years...a lot more than when I went to school there several decades there is a bit more activity on campus as well these days. Campus police are pretty visible, and residents around campus call them there are a lot fewer problems in the area than in Detroit in general. You might want to pick up the recent book Yamasaki in Detroit by John Gallagher to see some recent photos and stories about some of the buildings on WSU's campus and other places around town. I'll stick a link to the book in the article above :)
I haven't heard bad reports about Kewpee and hope your experience was an anomaly, Dave. We lost the nearby Halo lately, so I haven't had a chance to check that out lately, either. Now I'm hungry for an olive burger...
Thanks for stopping by Sher! I don't ever remember seeing alligator wrestling there, but it sounds just like the type of attraction they'd have! Was it a baby alligator? I remember "wrestling" an alligator in Florida...big build up to it, and I finally said, sure, I'd volunteer...and the little guy might have been a foot long...if he was lucky :lol:
Toggle Commented Nov 30, 2015 on See Michigan's Sea Shell City at Midwest Guest
I was thinking of you when I took that photo! I actually remember that a friend of mine found Lamby for me back in the old pre-Internet days (she called around town and located her in a toy store somewhere like South Lyon...and they sent her to me when I called to order her over the phone). How did we survive before the 'net, eh? Is she still around?
That is the reason I enjoy doing these link love posts every month :)
Thanks for stopping by, Gerald. I'm glad you found some degree of comfort here...I know several folks who are here...or planning to be here as a final resting place. The grounds and how the cemetery staff handled things impressed us, and we're glad to see that they are kind and continue to help people through difficult times.
I'm not even much of a football fan (I'm more into hockey), but I still found the Football Hall of Fame very interesting. Hoping to get back down to Canton again to see the HOF since it's been redone!
Andrew-Thanks for reading my story! No doubt there is more than enough in the story of Laura's life to provide material for at least one TV mini-series or movie. I love finding fascinating stories like these...and the Lake View Cemetery certainly proved a great place for finding stories like this one.
Hi Marcy, Sounds like you should keep your bricks to me! I love finding pieces of history and finding out how to use and re-use them to preserve them :) Good luck with re-purposing your bricks.
Hi Jean-The Canton Bridges often have just an approximate date or patent date on their plaques. Try for more info about the bridge. The Bridge Hunter site doesn't have an exact date for the bridge's construction, but it does have some info about the bridge's dimensions and condition. You might also try checking with Karen at She's written a number of books and articles about historic bridges in New York
This was a story that really caught the imagination of a lot of folks when the cops acquired the bakery. It's great seeing the biz still going strong six years after the cops initially took it over...and downtown Clare certainly seems more peppy than I remember it being when we drove through a number of years ago.
Jayne-Thanks for stopping by. Glad you enjoyed your stay at the campground and seeing the lighthouse. We love the fact that Michigan has so many beautiful light stations and that we've had the opportunity to visit many of them. Hope you are able to return and visit again soon!
Hi Ann...sorry to say that I don't know the answer to that question.
Thanks for the hEad's up Char. I replaced the broken link with a link to a history of Forsland from the Grand Rapids Historical Commission.