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Decide what you want out of it and give it a try. You can always back out of it or shut it down if it doesn't work out. I think you would do best just offering support for those who have been trying for over a year of marriage. Make it be a place of refuge to talk about the feelings. Some wallowing can be a good thing for all involved--if you can get those feelings out, they may not have as much pain to give you. One thing you might consider is attending a meeting of your local RESOLVE chapter ( to see how they run their infertility meetings. I do know that sometimes those turn into IVF or adoption support groups, for example. It can be very difficult to be in a group like that and decide on being purposely "childfree after infertility". But attending a meeting like this could help you with understanding pitfalls and the direction you might like to go in, before you advertise to heavily. Mainly I think you would have to decide if you could be supportive of somebody who is pursuing an option that conflicts with your theological stand. If not, then I definitely don't think it is a good idea. Finally, the nature of such a group is that people will graduate for one reason or another; I don't think it would be realistic for you to think you need (as the originator of the group) to be part of it forever. Like anything else, the torch can be passed. Many women do try to stay in touch with infertility support after having a child or children, but it gets harder for sure, if only because of the demands of caring for kids, not just the emotional aspects. Good luck! I definitely think you may be getting a call to fill a need! Actually it surprises me that there isn't something like this. It's not like infertility is a NEW problem.
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Tertia, this just happened to a blogger in the US! Her book just came out this fall. She is Julie Powell, and her blog is on It was called The Julie/Julia Project. It was about her escapades in cooking every single recipe in Julia Child's book Mastering the Art of French Cooking. You can contact her through her blog (which is still set up but isn't active) and I bet she will talk to you about some of the nuts and bolts of the process. You are completely correct--a book is very different from a blog, and while you will use the same material you will do a lot of paring down. Julie has PCOS and her new project is to ttc, so it will be interesting to see if she blogs about it. God knows she'll have good company. Anyway I hope you see this message and that everything works out for you one way or another. I agree with the others--your book will sell in the US, I just know it. Blogging is so hot right now and you are already a great writer.
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