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I patiently attempted enrollment for a week, and then realized that had likely only been optimized for native browsers (IE and Safari). Once I switched from Chrome to Safari, it was swift and easy. I enrolled a few weeks ago, and now await the bill for my first month premium. I call it a win. I've been uninsured since the end of Cancer Year in '08, when my insurer re-rated me at a minimum of $1.5K/month for coverage that would have required me to pay the 1st $6K of my annual costs out of pocket before they covered anything, and after that there was 25% co-insurance. IOW, I'd have been out of pocket a minimum of $24,000 annually before the insurer deigned to cover Dollar 1. Again, I'm calling this a win. So the website was a mess. It's much better now - works snappily with Chrome. I worry that those who have not bought their own insurance in the past might have some difficulty figuring out what plan is the right one for them. That's the topic of our Health Care Price Transparency (#HCPT) tweetchat on Monday, Nov. 18. Join us!
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How the heck did I miss seeing this when you posted it?? Just tripped over it, and wanted to say what a great recap it is. Enjoyed that day immensely, and still using intel and insight gathered at that event.
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Mar 3, 2012