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Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Cases filed in the ...Apr 9, 2010 ... Defendants: Accurate Medical, P.C., David M. Burke, Hisham Elzanaty, J.P. Medical, P.C., Jadawiga Pawlowski and others ... - Cached
Toggle Commented Aug 25, 2010 on GAMAL EXPOSED! at Atlas Shrugs
NOW THIS! So who really was speaking on that historic day of June 4th 2009 in Egypt? President Obama or the Imam of the proposed Ground Zero Mosque, Feisal Abdul Rauf? The Shoebat Foundation has obtained a shocking audio recording of Rauf's own voice boasting in Arabic that Obama’s historic speech in Cairo was provided by the Imam's work with the Cordova Initiative in what the Imam called “The Blue Print” which, according to him, was the solution to the Islamic-American divide. Rauf claimed that Chapter 6 of the Imam’s work engineered by the Cordova Initiative was the construct for the entire speech. Read more: Link to additional text plus link to Imam Rauf's audio admission
Indeed, the landing gear from one of the planes fell 90 stories and pierced through the roof then crashed through two additional stories before coming to rest under a blanket of incinerated ash composed of human victims of Islamic conquest. To deny this building’s characterization as part of Ground Zero is an insideous lie.
Quote: ". ..This time they jumped out of the trees. . ." jumped out of trees? . . .like monkeys? eh? Islam has some gall to identify Jews as "pigs and monkeys" [see Suras 2:62-65, 5:59-60, and 7:166] when there are ample examples demonstrating the behavior of devout followers of this cult behaving more like pigs and monkeys just like their beloved prophet.
Title: US Silent in Vote During Iran Vote to UN Women's Commission Having a president whose total legislative experience could be summed up by the number of times he voted "present", is this really a surprise?
There isn't a more appropriate analogy than what Pam wrote with: "Jaweed Kaleem seems to have a direct line to CAIR. He does their bidding like a dancing boy in Afghanistan." PERFECT! Use this analogy as frequently as appropriate. Draw attention to the documentary and rub their shame & hypocrisy in it repeatedly. PAMELA NAILED IT!
Pity [ALL] these innocent children . . .who grow up as slaves to Islam to be Taliban and al-Qaeda sympathizers. Submission.
Toggle Commented Apr 23, 2010 on "The Dancing Boys of Afghanistan" at Atlas Shrugs
Submission accomplished. – stolen from Bruno Strozek at HotAir
Pam - when this all started, you made a request in your post titled, WE ARE SUING MIAMI-DADE TRANSIT! Help Us fight!: " David Yerushalmi, P.C. (sharia legal expert) and The Thomas More Law center will handle this matter as fully pro bono. Baruch Hashem! But there are costs involved. I am asking Atlas readers, SIOA and FDI supporters to please donate to the legal fund. Please. Yerushalmi does not raise funds from the public like TMLC, so any funds I can raise to offset his costs allows him to do more of these. We need to do this. People who want a tax deduction can send their checks to: Society of Americans for National Existence (or just SANE) P.O.B. 6358 Chandler Ariz 85246 Re: FDI Legal Defense Fund Attached is SANE’s IRS letter: Download 501c3IRSAcceptanceLtr" If you prefer to donate online: Paypal your donation to Victory is sweet BUT it can be expensive. I assume this request remains open to cover costs of anticipated battles, and perhaps should be included in posts regarding these efforts. Mazel Tov on this wonderful & immediate success to all involved and all who support these efforts.
At 3:58 O'Reilly states: ". . . but was it a smart thing to do, in light of the danish cartoonists, Theo van Gogh . . ."? Do tell, O'Reilly. If memory serves, O'Reilly did not fully report on the danish cartoon incident. Michelle Malkin forced a homemade poster depicting the cartoons onto the FoxTV network. O'Reilly did not show the images. Did O'Reilly actually report the murder of Theo Van Gogh? Irresponsible, illegitimate reporting history on O'Reilly's part, which he admits by referring to those who are clued into the world wide web as 'sophisticated'.
Just how much did his cigarette cost US taxpayers? So far, we are aware of the F16 escorts, the US Air Marshall's time and what about all the msm reporters time . . .this adds up to quite a sum for a bit of humor-al-la-Qatar. Law abiding tax payers must not accept the bill for this. Yet, ABC reports we will foot the bill and learn to appreciate this clown diplomat's sense of humor: No Charges for Qatar Diplomat, Mohammed al Modadi After Mid-Air Bomb Scare .
Lovely image of the horizon at sunrise . . .not a single minaret! Life is great!
Toggle Commented Apr 8, 2010 on Wake Up with Atlas at Atlas Shrugs
About 40 million “replacement” Census questionnaires Where to begin? There were 69 million individual votes cast for Obama in 2008, 59 million individuals voted against Obama. 128 million votes cast by individual voters, many sharing residence with other voters. The CNS article reports replacement census forms were sent out to 40 million households . . .not individual voters. That's an incredible amount of duplication. Who determined 'replacement' questionaires were needed? Who is responsible for determining which residences receive these replacements? Is there a way to track which voting districts received these replacements? . . .or a way to determine how many replacements are returned in addition to the original census forms, creating duplicates? This is very unsettling as it demonstrates a level of unprecedented incompetence if not out and out fraud.
Toggle Commented Apr 7, 2010 on I Got Two, Too at Atlas Shrugs
SAY IT ISN'T SO!Israel to delay new East Jerusalem construction By at 21 March, 2010, 11:28 am Cabinet ministers say Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has promised the U.S. his government will delay new building plans in east Jerusalem and free Palestinian prisoners in an effort to defuse Israel’s worst feud with Washington in decades, AP reported. Four Cabinet ministers spoke about the steps on condition of anonymity Sunday because they had not [...]
Toggle Commented Mar 22, 2010 on Israelis Protest 'Obama Intifada' at Atlas Shrugs
search of term "Turk" in Bat Ye'or's "The Dhimmi" search "The Jew is prohibited" in Bat Ye'or's "The Dhimmi" "The Jew is prohibited in this country to wear the same clothes as a Muslim and may not wear a red tarbush. He can be seen to bow down with his whole body to a Muslim child and permit him the traditional privilege of striking him in the face, a gesture that can prove to be of the gravest consequence. Indeed, the present writer has received such blows. In such matters the offenders act with complete impunity, for this has been the custom from time immemorial. Indeed, our coreligionists suffer many such hardships: "I gave my back to the smiter and my cheeks to them that plucked off the hair; I hid my face from shame and spitting" (Isaiah, 60:6). Consequently, the Jew is the target for all manner of vexation, for this has been the lot of the wandering Jew in the lands of his exile. It all remains "relative" to ones specific acceptable level of tolerance, doesn't it?
Avraham stated "For about 700-1060 AD we enjoyed relative freedom under Islam and also at the time of the crusades. " Relative? As Bat Ye'Or states in her book "Islam and Dhimmitude": "The realm of dhimmitude is actually situated in a political ideology of permanent war which ruined entire regions, justified massacres, slaery, usurpation of land, and deportations. Consequently the concept of protection hinges on the concept of war. The principle of protection alleviated and modified the laws of war which annulled the rights of the individual.. .At the beginning of the Arab conquest claims by tribes to war booty, land, and peoples provoked internecine wars and revolts against the Caliph's hegemonic power. These conflicts plagued the whole Umayyad Caliphate (661-750). In the Abbasid period (750-1258), jurists based themselves on the alleged methods of conquest from which had been formulated the land legislation, and atributed it's origin to the second caliph, Umar Ibn al-Khattab. Islamic law prohibited non-Muslims from owning land and transferred ownership to the Muslim treasury administered by the Caliph. . . .However, dhimmis could retain possession of the soil, draw the usufruct from it, and inherit it. Nonetheless, the Islamic conquest did actually create a dramatic situation described in innumerable sources and with consequences, which, in the long run, culminated in the disappearance of the indigenous Christian and Jewish peasantry." Relative indeed. Dr. Andrew Bostom's Legacy of Islamic Antisemitism provides further details. In Chapter 61, "Decrees of Dhimmitude, 850-1905: Decree of Caliph-Al-Mutawakkil (850) Edict of Caliph al-Amir bi-Ahkam Illah (1101-1130)
Quoting Pamela from above: "Their fundamental misunderstanding of Islam and the leftist Islamic alliance is dangerous. " If they only knew just how devastatingly damaging and dangerous such recklessness can become . . . go read Gates of Vienna's latest report: The OIC’s In-Depth Research on the Counterjihad which specifically calls out Pamela Gellar, GoV and a host of others based on unforgivable recklessness at the hands of CJ and LGF. Despicable.
Toggle Commented Mar 16, 2010 on Right but Wrong at Atlas Shrugs
Wonder how far this investigation will get? If President "I Won" and our current AG has any say, probably no further than the investigation into ACORN shenanigans. Obama Justice Department Shut Down Federal ACORN Investigation According to Documents Obtained by Judicial Watch
re: update about "choir of rebuke" and "anyone who takes his moneywill be the subject of post after post." BINGO. Anyone supporting Norquist and co should be outed as toxic properties not to be linked with.
Toggle Commented Mar 11, 2010 on Grover Norquist Hiss at Atlas Shrugs
Unions and progressives are not alone in this mindset. Political FEAR of addressing issues like this, fear of facing the potential Balkans of Britain for their criminal immigration objectives will shut down all attempts to rationally address issues that conflict with sharia. This isn't a right or left political issue - never was. It is an issue of utter cowardice and TREASON. How Parliament should confront anti-Muslim hatred and violence- from the view of the CentreRight in Britain.
Powerful message. Who among us have the courage to put up with threats identifying the location of our children, our home, our phone numbers? Wafa Sultan's resolve is solid. The last point she made, about remaining/identifying as 'culturally muslim' brings a point into focus. This point is oft misunderstood when others like Geert Wilders state they hold no animus against 'muslims' who obey the law of the land, or the poorly designed characterization of 'moderate muslim'. We know there is no moderation in Islam, hence, there is no possibility of 'moderate Islam'. Those muslims who choose not to follow Islam are considered apostates by the devout. Perhaps what is needed here is a corrective term to use for people who identify themselves as 'culturally muslim' yet disavow Islam, something other than apostate. A term that will free these good folks from the terminality of Islam permanently and set boundaries in clearer focus for msm and counter-jihad movements alike.
Toggle Commented Mar 10, 2010 on Wafa Sultan (and FDI) on ABC News at Atlas Shrugs
Recall that Fox is supposedly "fair and balanced". Last week, Sean Hannity interviewed the "Son of Hamas" That was a painful blow to al-waleed's interest in Fox. Perhaps Glenn Beck is now balancing the scale, so to speak, with his comments about Geert Wilders. If so, Fox & Beck just sold their souls to the d'evil. Fair and balanced implies investigation and scholarship based in fact not influence.
At this rate, it won't be long before the Hagia Sophia reverts to an active mosque.
From: a link provided by a freeper early in the reporting phase of this incident: Aluminum Anodization for DNA Integrated Circuits, J. Patrick Bedell Quoting from this link: “The principal investigator for the proposed research is J. Patrick Bedell, the chief executive officer of DNAputer Research, Incorporated. In addition to a bachelor’s degree in physics from the University of California at Santa Cruz, Mr. Bedell has an intense desire to contribute to the national security of the United States.” Add that to Bedell's famous last words. . . "he wanted to contribute to the national security of the United States" . . .in Arabic, of course.
These easily manipulated cretins identify themselves as Gary Lee, Adam Gitlin, Julie Solomon, Kendral Metha (sp?). Threatening to withhold technical assistance from Grandma and Grandpa demonstrates how little these teens understand. Grandma and Grandpa managed without these electronic thing-a-ma-jigs for many decades. Gary Lee, Adam Gitlin, Julie Solomon, Kendral Metha (sp?) - SHAME ON YOU. Threatening your parents, grandparents & relatives demonstrates a severe character flaw which reflects extremely poorly on you AND on your families. Reconsider your methods. You are entitled to your opinion, but so are your family members and everyone else. Present your arguments with facts, if you have them, not force. The fact that these teens instruct others in the methods demonstrated in the video is incredibly troubling. Shame on the teens for not recognizing they've been used by a political machine. Shame on the political advisors who present threats useful for 'progress' and instruct easily impressionable teens that threats are an acceptable method of argumentation. Shameful.