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Hi Pamela. I hope you take what about to tell you seriously because it is the truth, a truth that is hidden from most by our schools and other propaganda outlets. You need to know and understand this truth to really understand reality and the false dialectic that has been created to advance an agenda. A very old and ancient agenda: Islam is a creation of the Vatican. Rome financed Muhmud (via his Roman Catholic relations), trained him, supplied him with weapons. Rome gave him permission to carry out his genocidal attacks against the Jews and Orthodox Christians, and made sure no Roman army stood in his way. Muhmud's Jihadi army was the Vatican's proxy army against the Orthodox Christians and Jews, people the Vatican/Rome termed heretics. But since they were Roman citizens, Muhmud's proxy army (like Hitler's & Stalin's army) was created to carry out the genocidal extermination. Today, via their banking agents (eg. Rothschilds = Red Shield = Vatican protection) the Vatican controls all the Central Banks and world corporations. They also control the CIA and the shadow government that runs the US and much of the world. Don't let the Jew managers that they like to hire and focus their propaganda outlets on, fool you as to who is really behinds everything. It is the people who hired these puppets that call the shots. And that is the VATICAN. The ignorant and blind Jew managers were hired to be setup as scapegoats so as to carry forward another wave of genocide against the Jewish people. People need to make the connection between the VATICAN, the CIA, the Banks, the Fascist Corporations, world history and the NEW WORLD ORDER (the old ROMAN REICH re-establishing itself). Follow the money trail. Ask who is it that owns the Banks, who is it that owns the US, who is it that runs the shadow government? I did a Google search to ascertain the demographic make-up of the richest of US counties, counties that are primarily fed by the CIA/military complex, and the vast majority in all these counties were ROMAN CATHOLIC. That is not coincidence. (See: Max Keiser: Fat Cats Spy On You (E251) - ) READ historians and researchers ANTONY SUTTON and CARROLL QUIGLEY and you will quickly understand that both Hitler (a Jesuit) and Stalin (also a Jesuit) were Vatican agents. The Vatican owned banks and corporations financed and sponsored both Hitler and Stalin so as to facilitate the genocide of European Jews and Orthodox Christians. It is not a coincidence that Nazis were supported by the Vatican and later were smuggled out by the Vatican and CIA, and that many of them were then employed by the CIA. Neither is it a coincidence that stolen Nazi gold ended up with the VATICAN. (Vatican Sued for Looting Nazi Gold Under CIA, MI Permission: ). Of-course, you will never hear about this in the CIA controlled propaganda outlets. Which brings us to my next point: All of the MSM is controlled by the CIA and the Vatican. That is why the Huffington Post behaves as it does. That is why all of the media (big and small) has the same Paliwood theater on all its propaganda outlets. As an Israeli, and knowing things concerning Israel as I do, I couldn't figure out how it is that all the media was so deliberately blind to the blatant jihadi lies and nazi aggression. But now I understand. They are using the Islamo-nazis, just as they always have, as proxy against the Orthodox Christians, Jews, and other "heretics". That has been the thread of history. And it is really when you understand this that you will understand history and understand reality. mika.
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Sep 22, 2011
Pamela, As long as the fascist imperialist gov mafia and their monopolies rely on oil and force us to rely on oil, this nonsense will never end. If you wish affect change do not vote for the gov mafia (Rep/Dem), vote Libertarian. Do not use their banks and credit, do not buy their corporate product, do not subscribe to their media propaganda outlets, do not invest in anything that's not local to your neighborhood. MSM = CIA = gov mafia Dave Emory and Russ Baker discussing the US government mafia and the Bush family: "Family of Secrets" -
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Aug 6, 2010