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Mike Driehorst
Toledo, Ohio
PR/Media relations professional, blogger; started out as a newspaper journalist.
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Shoot! The above comment was meant for today's post (Libya: Military Science 101 at work). Yeah, I'm an idiot! -Mike
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Just wondering if "going civilian" will be the new trend for countries with their military tactics. It's definitely not as easy to fight a non-uniformed army who focus on guerrilla tactics. -Mike (A reader from a few years back trying to catch up)
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Can't contribute now, but you do have my best wishes for a successful run! I've been laxed in reading of late but was active a 3-4 years ago. Good luck! I'm involved in social media marketing and PR professionally, so if I can donate my services, don't hesitate to contact me. -Mike
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Definitely a well-said post and great comments. (Found myself here thanks to your tweet about the comments, David.) Whether or not you see social media as part of PR or not, here are a lot of similarities -- unfortunately. The barrier to entry for social media and PR is awfully low. Essentially, you need a computer and your GtoG. If you're good at selling yourself, you'll have an advantage over those who are the doers but not the talkers. In my area, there's practically a social media event every week -- with many from people who I know are newbies to social media (talking about individuals and agencies). In the long run, quality should rule out over hype. But, in the meantime, I'm sure too many clients will get burned and fail to realize any benefits from social media marketing. I particularly like your #5, David. It points to those who propose a Facebook Page (or worse, a Profile for a biz), Twitter, blog, etc. -- with no sound rationale behind it. -Mike
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John, Six years?! Wow. Congrats! -Mike
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John, Thank you for including my response to your tweeted question. I see a good variety, along with some common ground. The post is a good overview to show others that "PR" is so much more than media relations. And, I agree that a basic separation of PR and advertising (in the general sense of both terms) is easy to split between unpaid and paid. Social media is such an interesting animal in that, it's unpaid -- thus PR. But, as Doug noted, there are so many departments that can incorporate social media. Ultimately, it's about marketing (again, in the broad sense). As far as who owns it, a company owns it and its shared within various departments. I would say that those in PR should be the lead because, I would assume, PR pros know best how to work with people one on one. Take care, -Mike
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Jamie, I'm one of the members of the SMB-Toledo organizing committee. That doesn't necessarily impact my $0.02 on your post, which was very detailed and thought-out. You make some great points, and items to consider for future events. And, I agree with you on a few of your points above (but, no presentation can fully satisfy everyone in the audience). First, thanks for attending the SMB-Toledo event. I believe we met (or, at least, I think I saw your name tag?). Having attended the first couple events, it seems the audience is a mix of newbies and those who are more familiar with social media marketing. We're trying to appease both audiences, and saw Dave's talk as a more 101 format. You probably would have more enjoyed Aaron Newman's presentation at the May event. Aaron is president & founder of Techrigy, which has a great social media monitoring tool (I use it). His preso is at For future events, we have some high-level speakers as possibilities -- as well as more 101-type social media topics and speakers. Ideally, we want to get where we can have a schedule of the focus of events at least a month or two out, so you and others can better plan if you want to attend one or sit one out. We're definitely open to ideas for topics and speakers (as well as sponsors). Okay, that last part about sponsors was impacted by my SMB-Toledo involvement. Take care, -Mike
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