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Mike DeSousa
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Sounds like Keri used the principles from the book "Peaks and Valleys", on learning from her habits that made her a Success, allowing her to climb her personal Peak :) May both of your successes continue to grow in 2010, Paul. A Merry, Safe, and Healthy Christmas to you and your loved ones. Best, Mike
Agree with #1 as giving back to one's community vs. branding oneself. Community Service (including internal committees) can have the side benefit of branding oneself, whether for the better or otherwise. Internal blogging and/or responding to comments is another way to illustrate your Brand of who you wish to be thought of as a person.As many know, anyone can purport to be anything online. Some claim that your "Brand" or reputation is what others say and/or think about you. Your actions often speak for you. Reputations are established by how you see yourself, what you say, what you do, and how/what others see of you and perceive what you do and what you say. Perception can be, though not necessarily, reality.
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Oct 12, 2010