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This post validates what I've been banking on doing for the past couple years. Thanks. This made my day BIG time.
If the focus of the post was directed at (potential) investors, than I begrudgingly agree. While a Foursquare evangelist, the hype is seemingly out of control and the rumor-jockeying has been a bit much. If you're challenging Foursquare/Gowalla based on what they've done to date, I'd argue it's waaayyy too early to be busting on them. It's like yelling at a one-year old Usain Bolt for not being fast enough. Give it time and let it develop...Foursquare especially has showed a couponing-esque offense and don't understimate the community it is indeed building. Lastly, awesome use of "kids in the Hall" and "I squish your head" guy. Bravo.
Is this post more of a wtf? to VCs or Foursquare/ Gowalla? I think if it's to the latter, I would argue it's too early to kvetch. Like yelling at Usain Bolt as a one-year old that he's not fast enough. LBS-based companies have the opportunity to do what CitySearch and many others should have done and didn't: capitalize on monetizing local advertising and the data accrued for local/national advertisers. If geared toward investors, I can respect that totally. The hype seems a bit much even for an evangelist like me. Two other points: • Normals are getting into Foursquare more than many think. • I love any use of "Kids in the Hall" especially the crushing your head guy. Well. Played. Sir.
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Apr 11, 2010