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Davemart, I will accept the argument that we only care about trips if there were a way to fully charge in just a few minutes everywhere you park. In the meantime I will use assumptions like slow charging at home and maybe at work. I am investigating several of these scenarios. My overarching point is that to do ‘good’ we are not interested in happy customers. We are interested in happy EV miles (reduced fuel consumption). If we satisfy a high percentage of low-mileage drivers, what does that accomplish? Not as much as other alternative fuel vehicles. Also, the 2008-2009 data may not be worth much. This survey occurred at exactly during the economic meltdown. It doesn’t seem to match 2001 very well. Still looking into it.
Why do proponents of electric vehicles always talk about HOW MANY TRIPS can be electric instead of HOW MANY MILES? The fact that they even bother to tell you high percentage values for single trips below 73 miles should be a huge RED FLAG! Why not count all the zero mile trips? Count all the trips I thought about using my EV, but went to the frig instead! This would be a very high percentage after all. Report it! What gets me is on the same day there are plenty of short trips that occur after the long ones have been taken. The 5 miles trip taken after you drove for 80 miles will not be electric!! If we want to trade gasoline miles for electricity, then we need to see how many miles can be driven electrically! And using a sound method. I am doing my own study using the NHTS data on BEVs (I was the chair of the SAE committee that developed “utility factors” for PHEVs). And I got news for everybody, things don’t look good for BEVs. When a round trip away and back to home is beyond the range, then 100% of those miles of that round trip have to be gasoline. For PHEVs, the beginning miles are always electric. Turns out, the Volt is as electric as the Leaf. Take that "100% Electric" Nissan Leaf. Yes, 100% of the miles that I am able to use the car without being stranded on the highway, I am running on electricity. But for 46% of the miles, I have to drive the minivan. I will show some of the results at SAE Hybrid Symposium in Feb in San Diego. And I may include it in an EVS26 paper due out in May.
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Jan 12, 2012