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Hi there I've used Facebook for just over two months now and have already picked up a couple of clients. With my niche fully defined, it's easy to get contact details of my target customers and make them aware of how I can help then. Mike Garth Sun1400 Helping racing drivers perform better
Toggle Commented Jul 15, 2008 on Online Networking Anyone? at The More Clients Blog
Yet again, this is a powerful blog post relating marketing performance to mindset. I followed up by getting hold of the Accelerating Client Results audio program and have already implemented the methods with success. Many thanks! I help motor sport athletes perform better by improving their mindset ( There are so many strong 'mindset' links between marketing and driving race cars though. Performance is determined by mindset, no matter what the domain. Keep up the great work.
Toggle Commented Jan 29, 2008 on Accelerating Client Results at The More Clients Blog
Great advice and effectively put. Thank you! As a sport psychologist in motor sport, I use a similar route to avoid such 'maladaptive perfectionism'. A mantra I use is 'failure is fine, but fail fast', ie use the feedback you get from others to keep improving what you do, just as Annette says above.