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Mike Gil
I work in a professional services firm and am interested in Knowledge Workers, how they work, what tools they use, and what makes them tick.
Interests: professional services, knowledge management, business software, erp, bi, kpis, portals, scorecards, dashboards, performance management, office automation, application development, david maister, consulting, microsoft, collaboration
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My pleasure! Glad I could help, and thank you for reading. :-)
A quick tip on how to enable external user access to Lync meetings when the client throws an error. Continue reading
Thanks, Marc. I worry sometimes that I'm too worried about sounding intelligent, and not worried enough about being understood. You validate me. :-)
I am writing this post based upon on the premise that the English language, my Mother tongue, is being harmed on a daily basis in the name of cloud computing. I am not writing it on the premises of my... Continue reading
Barb, I'm flattered that you find this of interest, and grateful for the conversation. Thanks, as always, for adding your insights!
Parallels between a bad customer service experience in retail and the impressions we sometimes inadvertently give our professional services clients. Continue reading
This week, I had fun (don't tell my bosses, but I get paid for this) facilitating a series of hands-on workshops for clients and prospects. They are jointly sponsored by Microsoft and partners like my firm, and are designed to... Continue reading
Lessons learned from a friend and teammate on the baseball field. Continue reading
A recap of SharePoint Saturday Rhode Island, with links to my presentation content. Continue reading
Thanks for the comment, Sadie, although you give me more credit than I deserve for alluding to the resources/roles needed (perhaps via the confused mix of first-person pronouns I will now say that I employed for just such purpose?). :-) In any event, it's a great dimension to include. I wonder if Stage Five is frequently preceded/precipitated by a key departure on the partner or MSFT side of the relationship, and would love to benchmark this across a broad sample of partners.
A summary of the five stages in the lifecycle of a Microsoft partner. Continue reading
How to recognize when an IT project is doomed to fail, using the Obamacare portal as an example. Continue reading
Thanks, Nancy, for the idea and your perspective. As my team works on building solutions that are "user-friendly," it helps us to be mindful of your point of view and your competency in creating users who are "solution friendly."
A discussion of SharePoint, using baseball as a metaphor (or is it the other way around?). Continue reading
Cross-posting link to article written with Nancy Settle-Murphy about Sox and teamwork. Continue reading
Hi Scott, and thanks for your comment. I haven't gone looking for Amir's dataset specifically, but I would start at the Azure Data Marketplace, where (at last count) there were 169 data sets available, most of them from public-sector sources:
A summary of "Big Data" related themes at Microsoft's Worldwide Partner Conference 2013. Continue reading
A partner's-eye-view of Microsoft's "Cloud" messaging at the recent Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference 2013. Continue reading
Don't ever assume that the microphone is off on your conference calls. Continue reading
At this weekend's U.S. Open in Merion, two things were quite noteworthy: 1. As it did in 2011, except more so, it felt at once liberating and scary to have to leave our smartphones outside the gates to the facility.... Continue reading
Thanks, Becky T! I look forward to hearing of your continued success as well, and was glad you were able to make it to the "Mike is outta here" get-together. See you soon.
[NOTE: full disclosure: 2001, 2004, 2011 – I've worked with Nancy Settle Murphy via three different organizations, and found her to expert meeting facilitator and organizational “coach”] I've spent the last seven years of my career very focused on how people collaborate: 2006-2012: At Knowledge Management Associates, we focused focus... Continue reading
Posted Feb 18, 2013 at The Sentri Blog
For me, he did it first with the web in “Small Pieces Loosely Joined.” Then he did it with metadata in his brilliant work "Everything is Miscellaneous." Now internet philosopher and senior Berkman Center researcher David Weinberger has changed the way I think about knowledge with his latest book, “Too... Continue reading
Posted Jan 4, 2013 at The Sentri Blog