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Michael Greenberg
Interests: xbox, reading, eating, playing poker, swimming every once in awhile, and long walks on the beach as the sun sets. i love chocolate and my cats, kiki and peanut.
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Excellent review... as a college student I can attest to the fact that many have succumbed to the addicting nature of this game. Although I have been hesitant to join this virtual world, I have several friends who have lost hours upon hours of study time harvesting crops, and buying new draft animals rather than reading their texts for class. Zynga has recently released a new online game called fishville, in November. It is quickly growing in popularity, however, I doubt that it will reach the following that Farmville has.
Toggle Commented Dec 29, 2009 on Farmville: An Agri-Web Revolution at Froeman's Take
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Dec 29, 2009
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