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Congrats on your year anniversary of running the site full-time. Great post to celebrate with.
Trade him. You always have to look at it this way: Will he be pitching in the playoffs? In a five game series he never sees any game time unless it's in relief. In a seven game series he likely won't see time either of Little Roy comes back and pitches this year. Pence (or place trade rumor here) will likely be in the lineup every playoff game and make an impact on the team instantly. Worley has been great, but we've seen this before (Wolf, Happ, Kendrink, hell even Tyler Green back in the day). The numbers show he won't continue to be effective so dump him now while he has value. Name a pitcher other than Gavin Floyd that is having success after the Phils traded him after being considered an untouchable pitching prospect. And.. they chose to keep Hamels over Floyd. How has that worked out?
And Gretzky requested the trade from the Kings to Blues.. and finally signed as a free agent with the Rangers. So, "if Gretzky can request to be traded, anyone can be traded?" I would fire your agent, JVR.
Toggle Commented Jun 28, 2011 on Now, It's Personal at Crossing Broad
Didn't Gretzky request the trade from Edmonton to LA?
Toggle Commented Jun 28, 2011 on Now, It's Personal at Crossing Broad
I was waiting for an article like this. What are the repercussions going to be for future signings? Maybe Homer felt it was time for Carter and Richards to go, but we've got JVR and Giroux due for contracts in the next few years. Would they have signed for 10+ years as well if this didn't happen? Will they have trouble signing the guys they just acquired? NHL players are different from NBA, NFL, and MLB. The commitment Carter and Richards showed may be something we don't see again with Homer in the GM role. Interesting to see what the future holds.
Kyle, can you re-up the video?
Toggle Commented Jun 11, 2011 on Morning Wood: Blown at Crossing Broad
Thought this might be a good addition to the list. A buddy of mine made these up.
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Dec 17, 2010