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Well... It's been a while since the last post. We thought we should probably give you a play-by-play of all of our goings-on but then decided you probably like a little mystery. In any event, we've been busy; Sean has been winning various awards around New York and maintaining his... Continue reading
Posted Apr 23, 2011 at H2 Blog
This is a brief (or so I hope) breakdown of the construction of my project/practice/teaching studio which I have just finished building at my house in Cambridge, Ontario. We bought the house in April of 2009 and, in addition to all the wonderful attributes of the house itself, I was particularly thrilled with the external structure that was included with the property. It had, at one point, been a one-car garage and then was converted into a basic storage shed. When we started work in May of 2009, we basically stripped it all down, cleared it out, and started fresh. We quickly realized that the building wasn't as structurally sound as it should be so we reinforced by building two new walls inside the existing ones, replacing the beams across the ceiling, and a few other miscellaneous touch-ups. /Users/mikeherriott/Blog stuff/6080_218040350654_664550654_8074787_1021742_n.jpg As you can see, it ain't much... but it's all mine!! Once we had it cleared out and repaired, we were ready to begin putting things together. For insulation, instead of the standard pink fibreglass stuff we went with a product called "Safe and Sound", which is made with stone rather than glass. You can see here it's green in colour. Once that was all in place (walls, ceiling, around the door, and between the 2 X 2 framing that was constructed over the concrete floor), we stapled the vapour-lock in place (also seen in this picture): /Users/mikeherriott/Blog stuff/39747_10150221831785655_664550654_14100787_310605_n.jpg Now, normally one would simply put all the drywall over the vapour-lock and attach it to the studs. We took an extra step here in order to create a "dead-zone" of air around the entire room. We covered the entire room with ply-wood upon which we then attached sound-channels, which act like studs on the ply-wood for attaching the drywall. The sound channel separates the drywall from the ply-wood with approximately 1.5 cms of room between. This creates a non-resonant zone that envelops the room and cuts out a lot of the external ambient noise. For the entrance, there was an existing door that really doesn't look like much. I decided to leave it in place and add a second door directly inside it. /Users/mikeherriott/Blog stuff/6080_218039525654_664550654_8074779_7397644_n.jpg This door is steel reinforced with a numeric security lock and, when both doors are closed, creates an air lock for additional sound insulation. Here are a series of pictures of the door construction at various stages: /Users/mikeherriott/Blog stuff/6080_218038310654_664550654_8074774_2058083_n.jpg /Users/mikeherriott/Blog stuff/n664550654_8316426_7231504.jpg /Users/mikeherriott/Blog stuff/44782_10150232183405655_664550654_14409601_6808343_n.jpg /Users/mikeherriott/Blog stuff/photo.JPG I briefly mentioned the floor already. Already in place is a concrete floor which I was very pleased to discover was nice a dry even on the wettest days. (Once the new roof was put on, early in construction, I was confident we wouldn't have any leakage issues.) We built a frame made of 2 X 2 pine which we filled with the same insulation as before, covered in vapour-lock, and then covered in press-board. You can see a bit of it in this picture: /Users/mikeherriott/Blog stuff/40352_10150221832620655_664550654_14100826_1212742_n.jpg My good buddy, Dave Reid (bass trombone, Calgary Philharmonic.. and long-time friend) volunteered, while visiting us here, to install the laminate flooring. He, with the helpful assistance of Myf, did a fantastic job. When I got home from my vacation, it was all in place and I just had to put in the baseboards: /Users/mikeherriott/Blog stuff/photo 2.JPG /Users/mikeherriott/Blog stuff/photo 3.JPG Next to go in was the electrical. Normally, one would install all the wiring into the studs before adding the rest of the wall construction. However, I wanted to avoid putting any holes in the dry-wall/plywood in case it jeopardized the sound insulation. Also, I wanted to have flexibility post-construction with the configuration of the outlets. So we decided to install the electrical wiring outside the walls using steel coated 14 gauge. We had to run 10 gauge cable from the panel inside the house for our source. My friend Brad Rush from next door is a certified electrician and construction site safety watch-dog.. He supervised and oversaw the work I did on the electrical installation so I know that everything is above code requirements. Here are some pictures of me running the wiring from under the deck of the house, under the concrete-slab walk-way, and through conduits into the studio. /Users/mikeherriott/Blog stuff/38463_10150214163435655_664550654_13877179_4835681_n.jpg The wire runs, through conduits, under this walkway 14 inches below the surface. /Users/mikeherriott/Blog stuff/38684_10150214604960655_664550654_13889168_7268537_n.jpg The two ground-rods were placed (pounded 6 feet down) 10 feet apart outside the studio. And I somehow picked the hottest day of the summer to do this: /Users/mikeherriott/Blog stuff/35362_10150214597780655_664550654_13888963_4410652_n.jpg Next came the wiring inside the studio and plugging everything into the box in the closet: /Users/mikeherriott/Blog stuff/photo.JPG And now it is all set up for hard work... now... where did I leave my trumpet... ?? /Users/mikeherriott/Blog stuff/58928_10150244240800655_664550654_14742247_3848441_n.jpg I am very excited to get the acoustic treatment tiles in here and balance everything out for recording. That will happen in the next two weeks and will be fine-tuned when Sean comes up here to record within the next month or so... Continue reading
Posted Sep 4, 2010 at H2 Blog
Taking a week of holidays and just arrived at the beautiful beach at Grand Bend on Lake Huron... Trying mouthpieces today!! These guys know how to party! Continue reading
Posted Aug 27, 2010 at H2 Blog
Posted Aug 13, 2010 at H2 Blog
Sean and I are presently hatching several evil plans to take over the world... currently we're just fighting over who gets to hold the white cat and demand $100,000,000,000 from neighbouring countries (which is weird cuz we live in neighbouring countries). Seriously though... We have some live tracks from the... Continue reading
Posted Aug 13, 2010 at H2 Blog
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