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What No Trick or Treating!!!! Damn Obama!!!! I was really looking forward to the popular 2013 costumes The top ten list from Huffington Post Minion costume Breaking Bad costume Fox costume Duck Dynasty costume Miley Cyrus costume Minecraft costume Daenerys costume Batman costume Gatsby dress costume Daft Punk costume and when did Halloween stop being a kids holiday.
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Spoken like a true Montanan but a scandal involving a thong-snapping intern? Well, likely not, at least in the limo known as the beast. Safety conscious Obama is aware of the dangers of thongs getting tangled with the brake pedal.
Toggle Commented Feb 3, 2013 on Lamest Scandal Ever at The Little Red Blog
I am glad to see that since 11/16/12 you have 5 political blogs. Well so much for holding back. Eggnog for everyone. Mike
You can imagine my surprise seeing my name in print on some sort of pinko, commie blog. I was certain that the authors of such things maintained their anonymity by creating ridiculous persona's, like Donald Trump, Sarah Palin or Chris Matthews. That was my opening line for my response to the May 21st posting. The posting was delayed since it appears that you cannot cut and paste from a word document to this pinko, commie blog, apparently designed by the same folks that came up with the Moskvitsch or the Trabant. Anyway the blog of May 21st rambled about certainty in the business community versus certainty for the labor community. This looks like a easy place to post this nonsense, instead of scrolling back to May 21st. Yes, I would like some certainty in my life. Certainty regarding interest rates would be nice, but I am unsure about certainty of stock prices. I guess certainty that I will not lose money is desired, but lets keep it uncertain about how much money I will make, just for fun. It is curious that the "job creators" are not creating jobs due to the "uncertain" market, tax climate, odious regulation (like Nixon's EPA), but what is certain is that unemployed people cannot buy their products. Certainty versus "individual choice" or bad dumb luck, may be a better route towards civilization. A good starting point may be the base of Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs: food, water, shelter, blah, blah, blah. Food insecurity is 15% both in the U.S. and the world ( 1 billion world wide) and a billion people worldwide lack access to clean water. I bet a few of those folks would like a little certainty in their lives.
Jack: Newt was recently bitten by a penguin while visting a zoo on his book tour/campaign. I have been told that there are no penguins on Mars or the Moon. Mars does have a ice cap and the dark side of the moon is cold, but Bernadette Devlin told me there are no penguins. This was during the baked Alaska dessert course and naturally the conversation turned to politics. Mike
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Mars is getting crowded. Newt should change his plans from a Moon colony to a Mars colony. At least Newt would not have pesty penguins biting him on any of his colonies. Mike
Toggle Commented Apr 18, 2012 on Today's Random Quotes at The Little Red Blog
Jack: This article was on page B1, under the fold, of the local section of the Missoulian and was the second or third story on Ed Schultz and Democracy Now. I guess some folks think this is an important national story and others think it is a bit of local color. Huh. Mike
Toggle Commented Mar 2, 2012 on Judge Cebull Needs To Go at The Little Red Blog
Lighten up. The man has served his time in prison and in a Baltimore pizzeria. Certainly that experience would make one a disciple of Jeffersonian Democracy. Keep in mind, he was talking about some other bad actors, not the reformed pillar of the community and success story of prison rehabilitation he now claims to be.
Toggle Commented Jan 16, 2012 on Today In Cognitive Dissonance at The Little Red Blog
Are you suggesting a compromise between competing economic theories? Very realistic solution in the current political climate. More dribble to come and yes I did mean dribble. Mike
Who says no one read this dribble? The spirit of Nixon lives in Romney, Inc. ? What are the shares trading at? Mike
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