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Apologetics Guy
Apologetics Guy: I Help Christians Defend the Faith with Confidence.
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I Tweeted this out, too!
Hi Dr. Mounce, I'm currently studying Greek with Dr. Wallace at DTS and I'm enjoying your work--especially the extra helps you have online. Thanks for all you do! Hey, I just tracked down a Geneva Bible and it says IAMES. Since this pre-dates the KJV, I don't think this has anything to do with King James. I'll be following this post. Very interesting, indeed! -Mikel
Perhaps because we (most preachers) aren't comfortable with people "not getting it." We wants out audience to "get it" after 45 minutes. But Jesus was comfortable with drawing some in, keep others hungry for more, and allowing others to just not get it. Spiritual truth isn't fast food. It can take some work to discover. But the payoff is immeasurable.
Worldviews of ancient near east peoples.
I used to work for Scott Rae and I had him as a prof in grad school. I get lots of questions about homosexual marriage and think it is an important issue to be able to talk about today.
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