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Mikel Mugica
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Hi, My name is Mikel and I'm a telecommunications engineer student of the Basque Country's University. In order to finish my studies, I needed to work on a project, so I finally got in touch with Aleix who offered me working on a connection manager for Facebook. As you may know, Facebook is closing its XMPP gateway, which means nobody could use that manager by the end of April. After many hours trying to set up everything and having my first contact with Qt, I've made my first commit to my repository. By the moment, I've been working on the roster and it works "almost" perfect. I mean, the names of the people appear and also their IDs, but there's a problem: you'll only be able to talk to people that you have already talked from the website. I'm sorry, the Graph API only gave me that option if I wanted to get their real IDs. By the way, I'm really happy to be in such a good project and being different from the rest of my classmates who are working on quite boring things. I leave you here the link to my git if you want to make me any comment or give me any advice. Have a good Easter!
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Mar 31, 2015