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Mike McCready
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Great post Jeff. I've been wanting to write something like this for HuffPo for a while now but just can't carve out the time for a piece as well laid-out as this one. Nice job!!
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Bruce, is that because free music is ubiquitous?
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Respect to Sean Parker but he makes it sound as if Foster The People aren’t signed to Columbia Records (Sony), which they are. Sure, they got buzz on Hype Machine and performing at SXSW but they signed to a label anyway because it’s still the best avenue for musicians by a long shot. You MUST surround yourself with a business team if you’re going to have a true music career. You can call the team a label or a doodad but you still need a team and labels are evolving into those teams.
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@ Pimpy C - Jay Frank is a serious guy. He would not have left his position at Viacom to run some sort of company that's not going to get any traction. "Get on board or get left behind" is my advice.
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Oct 8, 2011