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@Julian: AAC is not efficient use of your time if you're deploying to portable units (radios, car stereos, DVD players etc) outside of the Apple ecosystem. WMA is the most commonly found compressed format after MP3 on most devices. Even expensive devices I've bought in the last year or two either don't support AAC at all, or require AAC-LC.
Toggle Commented Jun 26, 2012 on The Great MP3 Bitrate Experiment at Coding Horror
@Miles: Why create a lossy archive in OGG when almost every time you have to play it on another device it would have to be transcoded? It's even less useful than AAC in that respect.
Toggle Commented Jun 25, 2012 on The Great MP3 Bitrate Experiment at Coding Horror
FLAC or Lossless WMA for storage, and CBR0 MP3 for playback. AAC is not useful because most car stereos can't play it back (except if you have the stereo controlling an iPod/iPhone in head mode in which case the external device does the actual playback) and many portable devices can only handle AAC in LC (Low Complexity) mode. It's unfortunate that most d/l vendors don't offer a lossless version, but I must applaud Hyperion Records, Qobuz store and a lot of artists on Bandcamp for giving FLAC/WAV options.
Toggle Commented Jun 25, 2012 on The Great MP3 Bitrate Experiment at Coding Horror
Unfortunately it didn't supply a rejection message. I assumed it had gone off for moderation. Ho hum.
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Automated enforcement is often unforgiving of driver error, particularly on roads that the driver is travelling for the first time. As I noted in my first post, it's easy to enter a restricted lane by accident but can be difficult to leave it. Is it then better to keep driving and not obstruct that lane, or to stop dead until you can re-enter your original lane? Answers on a postcard please.
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Oh bum. My very long response yesterday has been swallowed by the site. The short version is that better painting and signage _may_ have stopped me entering the site: * Kerbside signage is usually inadequate as it often gets concealed by buses & trucks. * painted roads don't work if visibility is poor ( dark wet nights for example ) and I know this to be true in Sydney ... and it's easy to make the mistake of following another vehicle into a kerbside lane when it turns after a stopped bus. It often just looks like another lane has opened up.
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I've been caught in London's bus-lanes which are fractionally painted, and often only visible once you're in them. Then there's the small problem of extricating yourself when the lane you've just left refuses to re-admit you. By that time the local authority revenue-gatherers have spotted you and handed out a fine. There are also ones in London where it's unacceptable to go in the lane, even if you're turning left at the next corner (AND the forward lane is not moving because of obstacles ahead). Apparently revenue-gathering outweighs all considerations in these circumstances too.
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".. reflecting what they see on the streets in real life." "Certainly, a lot of our assumptions about the world are encoded through childhood play. It's a great way for one generation to embed its values in the next, for better or worse." Although sadly for Lego, they're still a bit short of female representation in their human figures. It's like they think the only fitting transport for females are ponies
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