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Dunno, it seems to me that this idea of purging people for saying something off colour was something originated by the left. Most of us on the right would recognise we all sometimes say stupid things, especially when caught off guard, young, in the flush of emotion (exuberance, anger, in the heat of a sporting contest whatever), drunk or out of some bullshit male bravado where men (especially young men) say things to impress the tribe without necessarily meaning it. We on the right don't think these episodes should be career ending, unless they are part of a wider pattern of behaviour. Young O'Mara is seeing his side of politics getting its come-uppance.
How did leftists think Corbyn was going to do his thing whilst the UK was still a member of the EU? He was pretty opposed all the way through - all the way up to the Lisbon Treaty. I'd have thought that anyone voting for Corbyn back in 2015 must have thought things were on a collision course. This assumes they gave any thought to the issue at all, and assumes they thought he was a realistic chance for power.
I suspect most people deep down view differences as based on at least some kind of luck. Even those who have earned it have been endowed with some skill, intelligence, aptitude or other luck which landed in their lap. Just to be live in a peaceful western nation at this point in history is a circumstance of utter luck. My guess is that tolerance of inequality lies in some kind of instinctive understanding (which may or may not be completely rational) that the redistribution activity comes at a cost that is not worth bearing. Loss of liberty as well as overall economic cost, perhaps.
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Jun 22, 2017