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Boston, MA
Marketing guy. Entrepreneur. Lyrical gangsta.
Interests: Startups, Brands, Marketing, Boston, Venture Capital
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This is awesome. Well done, Chip.
Toggle Commented Mar 31, 2014 on If I were a Founder at Hazard Lights
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Late to this post, but it's a good 'un. We say Listen, Curate, Create, Engage, Activate. Should probably add Iterate to the list...
Toggle Commented Jul 7, 2011 on Continuous Digital Strategy at Servant of Chaos
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Indeed we do. And we forget this at our peril...
There's a lot of insight here, Ro, but in some ways less would be more. Among these, which are the 3 most significant? You could bucket these into Simplification, Personification (or brands, celebs, etc.), and Integration (breaking the lines between online and off.) In some sense I think those are the themes in play for 2011.
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Thats a powerful story, Jeff, thank you for sharing it. Sincerest condolences to you and your family at his difficult time. The Troiano Family
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I don't know... It's pretty hard for companies to prioritize their own ideas, let alone jump on a feature bandwagon that originates on a competitive site. In general I think the potential upside of open innovation outweighs the potential downside, but YMMV. Great post, and great blog. Just subscribed.
If you mean what accounts for the bill rate gap between McKinsey and McCann-Erickson, I'd say it's 5 decades of marketing folks being little more than pretty picture people. And pretty picture people just aren't worth as much as Big Picture People. I say this with sadness, Jeff... your average marketing guy is a sales guy who's never been accountable for anything. The plain truth is that most marketing people are worthless. If that weren't true, marketing spend would go up in a tough economy, not down. Marketing needs to be about driving revenue, not just making advertising. It's the only way back to a seat at the grown up table.
Toggle Commented Apr 1, 2010 on The Demise of the Mad Men at Seeing Both Sides
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Wow, David... Did not know you'd landed. Good for you, let's catch up offline. In terms of your question... I want to know what the value chain will look like. In a world where "authentic" communication plays a more important role in the communications mix, how much of that communication will come from within "clients" themselves? What will be the agency's role? What kinds of agencies will play it? What technologies will be essential on both sides, and in coordinating the activities of the two? That's the big picture stuff I wrestle with. Nice to have someone corrupted by the real world wrestling with it full time. Best of luck to you, sure we'll talk soon.
Brilliant, thanks for sharing. "Social Sigma" is a little pretentious, but the idea is huge. Businesses will need to corrupt their vision, strategy, products, and people with the external reality in a way that wasn't possible pre-Gateway. And creating the semi-permeable membrane around these businesses will require a complete re-think of how they communicate with customers and the world.
Great post, exactly right. It's happening on the social media measurement front as well, as more sites try to convert the deluge of data first into information, and finally into *meaning.* Check out Crimson Hexagon when you have a chance. They're doing some cool stuff for CNN, available on their blog.
Wisdom in the post, and the comments. It's appropriate for a CEO to take a pay cut before asking anyone else on his/her team to do the same, but the same principle applies one level up.
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"Fly Ball Effect." Love it, that's exactly it.
Toggle Commented Jan 26, 2009 on Social Media's 'Fly Ball Effect' at
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Clever. But I feel rickrolled.
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