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Mike Walsh
San Francisco, CA
CEO of Leverage Software, a private labeled social networking platform.
Interests: travel, food, wine, anything at the beach, hiking, beer, volleyball
Recent Activity
I'm glad he's well David!
Toggle Commented Nov 10, 2009 on How Google Helped Save A Life at Logic+Emotion
I like math - I always have and always will. I often think in equations. For many things I do, I crank out a quick ROI calculation in my head - mostly subconsciously and instantaneously, but I do it. As... Continue reading
As the title implies, I am embarking on new and exciting things. Before describing what I'll be up to, I wanted to share a few things about my experience with Leverage Software. Nearly 8 years ago, I had an "ah-ha"... Continue reading
They sure do Ryan....there's nothing better. Thanks for the comment!
As founder and CEO of Leverage Software, a parent of two active boys and as Coach of a little league baseball team; I have noticed common leadership attributes across these three responsibility sets. Whether it's leading a team of employees... Continue reading
I need a Pattern-Based Super Search and Recommendation engine - who's on it? I'm tired of searching - this is what I want - someone please build it for, or call me, and we'll build it together. version 1 -... Continue reading
It sounds like a great leg! Keep em coming. Be safe - my Dad tells I story that he hit an elk with his car as a teenager and busted up the car. I'm guessing that he totally made up the story, though I sure the elk would cause some havoc. cheers!