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Love it, it's guys like these whose performances make the opening salvo of the World Cup interesting rather than a parade of tedium. Thanks for highlighting the contributions of lesser though deserving names.
See this this article regarding Ponting, provides a bit of perspective to what are generally non issues: It's all obviously opinion, you yourself say 'if reports are to be believed' hardly a ringing endorsement of your mentioning him in this piece. My disappointment stems more from the complete lack of relevance to mentioning Ponting in a negative fashion for the article. But thanks for replying, sorry if my complaint seems pretty, I enjoy your work, but the Ponting reference annoyed me as it is buying into what is essentially a non issue. Cricket here has some real things to work out going ahead, Ponting's alleged temper problems isn't high on the agenda.
Stopped reading at "Ricky Ponting’s increasingly bizarre histrionics aside", irrelevant and demonstrating a complete lack of substantiated knowledge. Disappointing from someone who is usually worth a read.
What exactly was impressive, a bunch of assertions with no support for seems a poor effort. You must be easily impressed by sub-high school prose. And the link of Abbott and Palin, two members of the right from completely different parties and countries, as if the 'left' was some single functioning organism, is highly dubious.
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Feb 20, 2011