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This is not sensible at all. As I responsible adult, I enjoy a bottle of Belgian trappist ale, strength typically 8-12%. My occasional small bottle of these artisanal products, brewed by MONKS in Belgium, has got nothing to do with alcohol-fuelled violence and disorder. It is notable that in Belgium, where these beers originate, the cost is less than half of what it is here, and they do not have our public disorder problems. In fact, on my last trip there I was told by a local that he thought the British were very nice, but when he had lived here briefly he was shocked by the number of people who seemed to be taking drugs and drunk. Cheap alcohol is not the problem - the consumers are. If they want to tax things, then additional tax on premium beers costing £2 and more for a small bottle is not the place to go. If they want to stop poor people drinking then a floor on alcohol prices would be the answer. FWIW, cider has a fraction of the tax of beer, presumably because it is a British product, but the strong ciders sold in 2 or 3 litre bottles are MUCH cheaper than the likes of Special Brew.
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Link to the disgraceful BBC interview with him here:
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