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Miles McLoughlin
Lancaster PA
A fan of sci fi and occasionally pro wrestling. Used to like it more when I was younger.
Interests: Hanging out with my wife. Reading. Church. Bible study. The sci fi pod cast I do with a friend of mine.
Recent Activity
I'm glad the elections are over. Mick, I'm a huge fan of yours and have enjoyed the books you've put out. I hope you're ok with the fact that I usually vote conservative republican. However, I'm not limited to that. I try to vote for who will uphold the constitution as the founding fathers originally intended and do what's best for the country. Like anybody who's voted for either party, there's much to be disappointed with. I'm at a place where I feel neither party is really out there to serve the people, but their own ends. Cynical you say? Well, I think there's plenty of evidence for it. The one thing I'm glad about this election is that not one party is controlling everything. To me a little grid lock is a good thing. There needed to be more checks and balances in our government that's lacking for so long. By the way, I thought your debate with John Bradshaw Layfield was great. I think that debate was far better than the ones our presidential candidates engaged in back in 02. It's too bad WWE didn't do this again. From what I've read and heard there's many well informed and well spoken wrestlers on issues relating to politics. You and JBL proved it, and gave the American people something far better than we were getting from out candidates. I'd love it if you'd make a public appearance close to my home in Lancaster PA. I'd love to meet you in person some time. Take care and have a nice day!
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Nov 7, 2010