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German Children's Site "Helles Koepfchen" Indoctrinates Kids, Threatens Critics. It is a long and unfortunate practice in Germany: The political indoctrination of those who have yet to form a mature picture of the world That is defintely correct!!!!!!!! we have black and white facts !!!!!!!!!!! They have some articles about kids who were being homeschooled and Ingo Fisher used to take out good critics for the Homeschoolers and they changed the words of the interview about Homeschooling too. We tested by sending good critics about homeschooling and it never appeared They even threat our son(8yrsold) for giving bad critics. Bad critics never appeared, instead you get a threat from Ingo Fisher ; the brother of the Andreas Fisher. If one calls at their office the secretary , Sanra Müller might tell you that they would be busy nd kick you out of the line We know the methods of that site and also the way of German Media,they used to change the reality and just take out what ever is positive for themselves another thing is about homeschooling news of, germany . The homeschoolers in germany are facing the most terrible disaster you can ever mentioned nd if you would follow up the forums in Hellesköpfchen you will see that most of the discussions were done by the kids in the age of 13 yrs (which could not be true, by the way they wrote) Last year we found out that they won a prize, we tried to write to responsible people for giving Hellesköpfchen such a prize! .But in Germany , we have no freedom of thinking.The upper people know each other and they would bury all the complaints somewhere in the draws . We feel it sad that even teachers of germany are letting the kids use that site during school hours!!!!!!!!! Ultimately, the problems in Germany's education and Media system translate to young people poorly prepared for the job market, while companies complain they can't find qualified graduates. But still this kind of news would never appear anywhere in Germany Germany is so incredibly secular, that I cannot believe people are so sanguine about their country Here is an example of the German mentality. Next to the Happy Meals at McDonalds, a smutty daily called Bild is sold. Bild always has naked women on the cover and lots of frank sex and gore related headlines. And helles köpfchen isn't better than that Homo-erotic calendars are always sold next to the stuffed animals at stores...It is as if pedophiles were in charge of product placement in this country! There is just no excusing the un-family friendly atmosphere so, of course, the government has to resort to forcing people to believe in wrong news to maintain the status quo. Do you all know that German Christian parents have been criminally prosecuted and jailed for religious schooling as a violation of German law? Do you guys know that medical malpractises in germany can cause the victim to be put in the psychiatry??? The German mentality, even among its so-called conservatives, is very statist.. In this respect the German mentality does not seem to have changed much since the days of Adolf Hitler, when the Germans were expected to look upon the state as a caring parent. Ironically, Sven-Georg Adenauer is the grandson of Konrad Adenauer, the first post-Nazi Chancellor of Germany. And what can we awiat from this country?? We are germans, born in Germany but are looking for Refugee status cuz we are sick and tired of being followed by the politicians and laws and regulations like in Hitler Days We cannot look at the daily happenings in Germany any more ;how kids are torn away from parenst cuz they are so attached to the parents and not to the states??? do you guys know that Young physicians leaving Germany in droves cuz of the hospitals not providing with good training and cuz of the autocratic behavior of the chief physicians in Germany is completely outrageous and outdated? But these are all the facts why such people like Ingo and Andrea could earn a prize in Germany !! To be a super star in germany is always possible and is easy, the more stupid you are the easier is the way of success!!! and there we go!!!! look at this beneath what we wrote a year ago We are glad that David has started this discussion We have been contacting several American Embassies to reveal the realiyt of germany but till now no one realy wanted to believe But we know that One day will coem when we can reveal the reality of Germany and its Policies and media and education system Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren, wir haben mit Schrecken entdecken müssen, das Sie der Kinder Internetseite „Helles Köpfchen“ einen Preis als besonders für Kinder geeignet gegeben haben. Diese Seite ist ein Musterbeispiel an einseitiger und diskriminierender Berichterstattung. Solange keine Aussagen des Betreibers oder Tatsachen hinterfragt oder sogar kritisiert werden ist ja alles in Ordnung. Doch wenn man die Frechheit besitzt einmal einen „unerwünschten Kommentar abzugeben wird man aus dem Forum ausgeschlossen und sogar bedroht. Wenn das Ihrer Auffassung nach empfehlenswert ist kann ich den Niedergang der Jugend und der Kultur in Deutschland verstehen. Mit freundlichen Grüßen, Eltern die diese Seite richtig kennen