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Charles if I offended you with my comments, accept my apology, I have read a lot of your comments on this forum and I do respect most of them, but the post I reacted to came across as being a bit too cynical, granted every one is entitle to their opinion. I agree with you that it is us Cameroonian who need to put pressure on the regime in order to effect change. But that not withstanding I still believe that symbolism plays a bigger part in the way our perceptions are formed. The big question which I think you fail to pose is; are we going to take advantage of the moment? But instead you decided to mock the reason why you think most people from Africa are supporting Obama. I was just trying to show you that there are endless reasons why this people are clamouring for him to succeed. Africa is a basket case and nobody thinks Obama can solve Africa’s problems because the problems we face are generational (50yrs at least) as you so eloquently put it. But still I do believe that a criticism of Mugabe or some of these African despots from Obama would carry a greater weight than that coming from Bush or Blair. Mugabe will not have the same credibility in blaming the Whiteman with the same veracity as he is doing now while his nation disintegrates into chaos. On final analysis I still think Africa's problems will be solved by Africans not Obama but what you cannot deny is the essence of the event we have just witnessed in the last 18 months. I am not going to gain anything from president Obama because I do not reside in the USA. I don’t want to come across as an Obamamaniac. But what I do know is that, what he is about to achieve is bigger or was beyond our comprehension not long ago. The biggest barrier that was holding mankind 200 yrs backwards has been broken and can never be rebuilt, that is my major argument. I trust you will agree with me that you can change anything about yourself such as: gender, language, undergoes plastic surgery to remove a bit of what you don’t like etc, but one thing that you cannot change is the colour of your skin. Imagine being discriminated for that. That is why people are happy all over the world because though racism will still prevail in the society that both of us are residing at present, there is that sense of hope that with time it will seize to be a limiting factor in what ever people aspire to be (young or old). In Cameroon I am treated differently because am Anglophone but I can get round that by speaking in French, hence I can fit into the society. I know you are presently residing in a society whereby the only way many people could fit in was to change what they cannot change. Some made it however, others couldn’t but still fought for the right to exist. Obama was judged not by the colour of his skin but by the content of his character, so, for that reason I think you cannot begrudge people who want to celebrate. Peace
Thanks Esson for articulating what I believe are the appeal that Obama brings to the African youth. Seriously it is not only the black youths but mainly people who feel like underdogs in any situation. I will ask Charles to close his eyes and just think of the tsunami that has just hit the American political sphere in the last 18 months then go back and read the dribble he has just written. Sure Obama will pursue an American agenda if he becomes president (which I’m more certain now than ever that he will), but the essence is not what he will do but what he symbolises as a man. I live in the UK but still watch CBS news late at night and I nearly choked with tear when Clinton did this affirmation ritual confirming him as the nominee, even the reporters couldn’t contain themselves because the emotion was too overwhelming for them to even report the event they have just witness. I remember when this whole thing started; his support amongst black people was about 55% while Clinton was 40% but when he won at Iowa this changed dramatically to almost 88%. Why was this? Because initially the blacks did not believe a black man can make it to the ultimate stage that is why they where so lukewarm with their initial support. What I am trying to say here is that the symbolism of an event changes people’s perspective of how they view the world around them. Whatever policies he pursues, the most important thing is that the barrier which he has broken can never be rebuilt. All over Africa and some parts of the world were people are shackled down in the midst of poverty and the depth of despair, a dream has now been formed in their mind and that dream is a dream of hope which mere mortals cannot see but leaders who believes in the best of humanity will emerge from this communities and encourage this individuals to look beyond what they are seeing just like Dr King did when he gave the future to his people and ask them to look beyond the present. many were sceptical, cynics thouhg he was wasting their time but that was the future that is our present now. In Cameroon we have our own problems and people will start asking, how comes I have not been promoted. Is it because of where I came from, or the language I speak? Whereas in America a black man who 40 years ago would not have the right to sit in the same bus as the woman he just defeated, has just been chosen to represent his party for the presidency of the USA? This question will be ask no matter how much the regime tries to suppress them but whether it takes a revolution or an evolution the people of Cameroon will one day take their country from this blood thirsty, corrupt and thieving individuals who have set the country 30yrs behind though they have been there just for 26yrs. Peace
Samira That was a very thoughtful analysis of this piece and it shows the pure hypocrisy of some of us Anglophones who at this point in time are crying foul-play, as if this guy does not merits his comeuppances. It is rather sad to see a newspaper, well-respected by it readers result in such shoddy journalism. How they have come to the conclusion that the building of the deep seaport in Limbe is anyway linked to the effort of this rascal is a bit of a stretch to me. I can remember the picture of this guy taking centre stage amongst the people who decided that it was right to appoint a king to lord of them. This is what happens when all you think about is to be self-centered, instead of knowing that as a civil servant your duty is to serve the populace. He is going to face his waterloo and no amount of spin or sympathy from the post who should know better than to promote a very corrupt official, is going to help him. The post should never associate a corrupt individual with the Southern Cameroonian course. We are fighting a BIGGER battle from what he is fighting and for him the “chicken is finally coming home to rouse”.
Tetedure Your assertions on this forum are frivolous and I don’t know your motifs but you seem to be trying to stoke-up controversy or to annoy people on this forum. What you need to understand is that sometimes being in alliances with somebody does not necessarily make for a good relationship. That is what we are experiencing today in Cameroon. The Anglophones have been marginalised and to that effect the contract that was signed between these two partners has been violated and as such it has been rendered none and void. There are several precedents that will support this case like in Kosovo, Montenegro, Eritrea etc as was pointed above. You can talk about the other parts of the country that are experiencing similar hardship but it pales in to insignificant compared to the discrimination we face when the job you get is only depended on your name and in our case people being out of a job because of the fact that they speak English. Hardship can be overcome but one cannot change where they came from and to be overlook for that reason makes what you are talking about meaningless. First and foremost, do you know the terms of the agreement between the French and la republic? Probably not. Do you know that la republic is paying a mortgage to the French? I doubt you know this fact. Go and read the terms of the conditions that was set before power was handed to alhidjo then you will have a better perspective of where the British Cameroonians are coming from instead of piping you trap like a lost child. Go educate yourself about matters which are on record. french cameroon was not given full indepence by the french but most british colonies had full independence and at such can effect whatever change they want in their country. La Republic cannot do anything without france signing on the dotted line. We do not want that but we have been sucked in the french way of doing this which involves bribery and corruption. the Southern cameroon had full independence from the british without them mortgaging our country. Do you know what is so twisted about this hold mess? Most of thet resources that are putting money in the french treasury comes from Southern cameroon. Just take a Look at most of the British colonies within Africa and Asia and tell me what has happen to all of them. They are all thriving countries. For example take a look at Ghana Nigeria, Kenya, Tanzania Zambia Singapore Malaysia etc. These are all countries that were handed independence at similar time but today La republic is a basket case with one person imposing himself as king and he has dragged us along with him. When the British handed southern Cameroon to us it had all the institution to build a thriving democracy hence a viable economy able to sustain its people for generations but systematically most of this very stable institutions were closed down and for the last twenty five years nothing in the name of development has been carried out in this area to encourage economic development. The tiko airport was closed, limbe with the most naturally gifted deep sea seaport has been neglected, tole tee that was sustaining a lot of people thrown away. No matter who you are or how well-meaning you are in terms of your phisolophy of united we stand and divided we fall, you will feel absolutely cheated and try and find solution or parity. The latter was tried but to no avail with the AAC but they were largely ignored and most of the leaders were harassed for daring to complain. So we have reach a point where begging for a reason to exist is not an option but to seek a better solution to this malice and biya has shown by his actions in the recent months that all he understands it violence and that is what we will give to him. It is strange that it took the killing of about 200 martyrs for him to realise that the people where being paid peanuts and many businesses were also being taxed out of existence that, they passed all this to their unsuspecting customers who where not even getting paid. Some might thing we are flip-flopping but as the saying goes; the only thing bad about not flipping is when you know what you have tried has flopped . Boy! have tried to make this work? You bet we have. We came to you with innocents and good intentions but you people took it as a sign of weakness The people of southern Cameroon have reach that critical moment and if the French people want you to rule them for life, they can have you but we did not appoint a king and our system never allowed us to have a king and for that reason alone you can keep your people and give back our country and in a few yrs with the amount of resources and expertise we’ve got, our country we be a beacon in a rather trouble area of the world. We will eradicate this disease that you have imposed upon us call corruption through bribery. There was nothing like that in our region until your people came to us. We had politicians of honour. We had people who took pride in their jobs instead of stealing from the have-nots. We had men of convictions who obeyed the rule of law because that was how our system was build. We had people of great intellect who aspired to lead our nation to a brighter future but you guys came and made it absolutely impossible for that to happen. Our time is now and we owe it to the generation after us to liberate ourselves from this barbaric regime and if blood is going to be spill so be it. Our blood will clean the river of despair that has polluted our land so that our children and their children we breathe again the fresh aroma from the foothills of mount fako to the lakes of maneguba and to the grassfields of bambaki. Comrades our time is now, we should not be afraid, there is glory and honour in our endeavour, we should grasps it with bravery and commitment and take pride in knowing we were the generation that did what many said was impossible. We should be strong and plot our strategy with sophistication because this time there will be no half-hearted measures because the consequences of failure will be unimaginable but if we plot a strategy of victory, the prize of success will be invaluable. Long live our land Long live Southern Cameroon
An address to Mr Biya (I hope you read this before its to late) I think the time has finally come for you to face your waterloo. It is time for you to go and leave the people to determine their own destiny. As for your so call speech last night I thought I detected a lot of fear in your voice. You are scared for the first time in your life. The people have finally decided that enough is enough. To sweeten the youths the other day you where trying to mention all these pleasantries you have put in place but failed to deliver for over 25yrs but yet you wonder why nobody believes a word of what comes out of your shameless mouth. I think what you are seeing now is just the beginning of what is to come and the people will not loose this one this time and guest what; there is going to be just one winner in this fight. My suggestion to you is to spare us all the blood shed that is about to happen and resign your position with immediate effect and we might spare you but note that we will shake you upside down and remove even the smallest change that you have hidden in your droose. What has a whole generation in this country been subjected to for the last quarter of a century? People could remember a time when to go to university, the government paid allowances. People could remember the time when you can drive round the country without being harassed by illiterates masquerading as policemen. People could remember the time when taking your money from a saving account does not require you to give 10% to the cashier. People could remember a time when you are referred to as “gari boy” meaning you are leaving a survival existence but today that same gari is but luxury to most Cameroonians. People could remember the number of road construction projects that where in place but yet those projects are yet to come to fruition. People could remember when Cameroon was a progressive country with all the institutions working for the betterment of the citizens in the country but yet since you took over everything has been in reverse. So tell us, what have you don’t for the last 25yrs? What can we show our friends and visitors when they come to visit? The house that you have clung onto as if you have the sole divine right over it was not even build by you. The stadium which was a pride to our nation when it was first build and help to inspire our nation into achieving its greatest moments has been left to rot under your watch and all we have now is a patch work of monstrous humiliation. So the conclusion that we can draw and that the majority of Cameroonians if not all except your family and your hedge men is that we owe you nothing and you all us nothing. Just leave the presidency for another ideal to flourish. Cameroon will be just fine. We will find our way out of this mess that is upon us and find our way we will. So I will say this to you for the last time IT IS OVER MR BIYA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LONG LIVE THE PEOPLE OF CAMEROON LONG LIVE THE YOUTHS WHO DESERVES A BETTER FUTURE PEACE TO MY FELLOW BETHREN SUCCEED WE WILL!!!!!!!!!!
People people people...... chill. Leave this lady alone. This lady was reminiscing and as such mostly good memories is possible to be re-counted. I am not going to fault this lady one iota cos I believe she carried herself with a lot of dignity and style. As for criticising alhidjo about the way he ran the country is plainly naive. I was a kid at the time of his resignation or to put it most appropriately, his gesture of commonsense and a smooth and orderly handing over of power. It is very easy to cement and concretise alhidjo's legacy just by taking a little look back at Africans history from the late fifties up until now. Most people would say that he got dupe to had over power. No matter the means by which it was achieved my broader point is that it was done and it was peaceful and orderly. Why am I making this point? I just wanted to look at his peers who came to power at the same period of time. Take a look at Gabon, bongo is still there. Houphouet Boigny had to be in nappies before he released that the end was approaching but by then it was too late and the consequences is still felt till this date. The guy in Equatorial Guinea is still there. Mobutu had to be driven kicking and screaming until he met his demise, the country is also facing the same fate as Ivory Coast but worst. So, alhidjo handing over power to this imposter and chancer now ruining Cameroon at the time he did, when the institutions for a better and accountable democracy were still in its infancy in Africa is a legacy that cannot be easily overlook. That is why I am taking issue with one forumite who suggested that alhidjo reign would be easily airbrushed out of history. I am quite shock that a well learnded individual can come onto this forum and write such drivel. Take a look at Cameroon today and compare the twenty years that we have endured with biya and the twenty five that his predecessor presided over and tell me whether there has been any progress. There was a welfare state at the time, students used to be given grant to get into universities but now they have to pay extortionate amount of money. Because of corruption and incompetent cowboy economic strategies or policies, inflation is running at almost 300%. Wages have been cut several times that its become almost unbearable to think how people survive in such a climate. I must say thank god for our land of riches. Alhidjo placed Cameroon on a great footing that needed somebody to continue from where he left off but unfortunately for him, his successor was a pretty boy imposter who was probably sucking the dicks of some of his French masters who had the leverage to the future of our country at the time. Alhidjo did build Cameroon but biya destroyed it. we had everything in our capacity at the time to be a major player in Africa by now. BUT????????????????
Combining the sublime skills which diego amando maradona displayed on the football pitch and the daylight robbery which biya is renowned for is rather disrespectful to the great man. There is no way that biya and maradona can be mentioned in the same sentence no matter the point you are trying to make. Anyway most of your historical facts are wrong and am sure you were too consume in the point you were trying to make without checking most of the date and the time period. I don't think biya was ever in the stadium to watched maradona scoring a goal. Well like they say don't let facts spoil a good story. Peace!!!!!!
This nonsense is an insult to all Cameroonians. But no matter how much noise we make or how loud we shout on this forum and elsewhere, the deed would be done. There is no way any cpdm Member of Parliament can vote against such a proposal because their livelihood depends solely on the Biya regime remaining in power. Also some people are mentioning a rather laughable suggestion that that Biya has a conscience and therefore would turn down this manna from heaven mouth fed to him from his cohorts. When has the name Biya and conscience gone together in the same sentence? If he did have a concience, we woundn't be having this debate cos he could have realise the untold suffering his policies of thievery and absolute corruption has cause on many generations to come. If logic is anything to go by, this amendment would succeed and there is nothing us Cameroonian would do. What this man has done to us is to break our souls, consequently most of us are apathetic about what is going on politically. We are waiting for the day the good lord will decide and intervene in our predicament by calling this coward of a man to account for most of his misdeeds. I bet you that there would be no rigging in the up coming election and the CPDM would win hands down. Why? Cos, most people who votes for the opposition are not motivated to vote, because, it’s been drummed into their psychic that, their vote don’t count but only that of the cpdm does. This is the psychological problem that is /has engulfed our society. Therefore any foreign observer would witness a clear victory for the cpdm without understanding the real malice plaguing our country. I know I sound a bit defeatist but I am just being realist about the chance that any Cameroonian has to change this course of action. We haven’t got people of courage within Biya’s inner circle. All we have is disgusting yes-men who cannot challenge biya’s mad ideals but are happy to go along so far as they can get a slice of the action. Lacking men of courage who can challenge the statue quo with some alternative ideals is what has brought us to this predicament we find ourselves in. There is going to be war in Cameroon before things change for the better because what is simmering underneath is almost reaching boiling point and the demise of biya would bring everything to the surface and the consequences would be unimaginable. .
Rexon, Sometimes I find your logic quite baffling. When in gods name has fru ndi ever said he wants just to engage with Anglophone Cameroonians? Never, if I can recall. He "had" ambitions to lead the whole of Cameroon and in so doing will have to do business with the French whether he or you like it or not. Cameroon is intertwined with the French in terms of our economic interest. So to accuse fru ndi of renting his premising to the French just seems to me like a cheap shot. There are many things you can accuse fru ndi of but reducing the argument to him renting his premises to pmuc shows a sign of alter desperation. For one who is of high academic standard I thought would realise that, the one thing a potential leader of a country would not want people to do, is to portray him as a person who is not good for business. Pmuc brings a lot of money to the country either through employment, advertisement or taxation. It’s not fru ndi's fault that the money is not filtering down to the masses. If he wasn't fighting against some of the malpractices that have become cancerous in our society, then surely we should criticise him using all type of vitriol that exist. I am not a big fan of fru ndi but I do respect what he has done to our country. He stuck his neck out while others decided to bury theirs in the sand. He took bullets and teargas so that people like muna can have a platform to have intelligent debate. He has a lot of faults but he has shown a lot of courage that will make people like me and you shiver at the mere taught of being in his shoes. The situation in Cameroon is not ideal in terms of people expressing their opinion and press freedom but, it is much better compared to 17yrs ago before the inception of the SDF. Today in Cameroon journalist can write ridiculous stories without even a shred of evidence and yet we still needed the court of law to determine the fate of the individual involve. Needless to say that considering the position of the victims in the story, that guy would not have seen the light of the next day. But yet the rule of law prevailed. SDF has not brought prosperity to Cameroonians but it did open the eyes of a lot of people and as such the government had no choice but to change accordingly. A society where the rule of law prevails is a better society. We are not there yet but the vehicles have been put in place for us to get there. The president is above the law at the moment but in times to come this would not be the case. The people will demand and they will get. The little freedom that we have today in Cameroon is down to the courage of Fri Ndi and the SDF and nobody can argue about that. Give a man freedom and he will think out of the box. Ni john has given us the platform and it is up to us to use it instead of blaming him every after so often. Peace!!! MillaIsGod
Rexon I turn to agree with you on several fronts but on this issue I think it is immature to lay into reader for his well articulated points. One thing that you failed to grasp from his post is that both of you have the same interest at heart. Yes; Reader wants to engage in the norm that knowledge is power. That, we have to build the foundation of our state, by putting in the infrastructures that will be at the spine of nation. I have advocated a more militant approach to the problem before but I think what we need is to build those institutions of government while advocating for self determination so that when our dream is realised everything would be in place for the challenges that we will face as Southern Cameroonians. I remember when it was time to take our common entrance exams back in the day, all the older and academically challenged individuals where register instead for the technical examination. So I believe the ombe old boys are right because from the onset less value was placed on these children moreover the system did not provide a defined path for these children to follow. As a consequence most of these children finish with their probatoire and the what? I just hope UB take up this challenge and provide an environment where these students can hound their skills and develop into brilliant engineers. Hopefully this will inspire our younger generation to have other role models instead of only thinking of becoming lawyers or doctors. Peace MillaIsGod
Cameroonians, Cameronians,Cameronians we are not couragious enough to take on this bandit masquerading as a so call lionman. How can the youth of today watch their beloveth country draged to the gutters by the so call ruling elites? We need to stand up to this nonsense cos if we don't the consequencies not only for us but those after us would be grave. People lets take up arms and fight this lunatic thinking that he can get away with murder. Just like emperor NERO said " I kill poeple and nothing happens... I make bad policies and nothing happens...I killed my wife and nothing happens... Therefore, I must be God!!!!" Are you guys thinking what I am thinking? maybe Biya thinks he is immortal and maybe even God. Cos all what Nero was thinking i guess biya has also had the same thought. He has killed, made bad policies, stolen money from cameroonian, that is, practically rape the country of its soul but yet, without any consequencies.He is going to pay not only in heaven but here on earth. We will not give him the luxury to confess his sins cos no amount of confession can rid him of his unrelenting strangling and destruction of our beloveth land. I THINK IT IS TIME WE PUT AN END TO THIS NONSENSE. IF PEOPLE ARE COURAGIOUS ENOUGH THEN WE CAN DO SOMETHING THAT CAN WRESTLE THE SOUL OF OUR COUNTRY FROM THIS RAPIST AND RESTORE SOME DIGNITY FOR OUR CHILDREN AND OUR CHILDREN'S CHILDREN. We are the future of this country but the bandit has decided to sideline us from the process of building our future. we are not going to take this lying down. Therefore, it is now down to us to bring back some sanity to our country by whatever means we see fit. They did it in Thailand and I am sure we can too. MillaIsGod