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Michelle Miller
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This was extremely useful in describing what we've been doing in our work to reduce pesticide use in apple production. In short, to calm the vicious cycle of magnified risk and diminishing rewards, we balanced the threat-based narrative of regulation with an opportunity narrative. We developed opportunities for farmers to voluntarily use in their efforts to stay in front of the regulatory curve and meet short term economic needs. New behaviors created rapid positive feedback loops. This then provided momentum to deal with longer-term opportunities such as on-farm research, habitat restoration, etc.. We endeavored to live the change we sought in the world using participatory leadership, where landowners and farmers are empowered to shape the project and are spokespeople from the project’s initiation, forward. The net result is that more than half the state’s apple growers are participating in the project and have reduced pesticide risk by 46% and increased the use of IPM by 54%. State and federal policies in Wisconsin and a growing number of other states are now aligned to meet both farmer and civic needs for conservation activities. Thanks for providing the architecture to describe what we've done intuitively.
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Nov 28, 2011