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Thomas Miller
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Probably one of the smarter moves they have made lately. I went to visit the Qwikster website and it now redirects you back to Netflix.
Just got off the phone with NetSUX and they did confirm that they removed that feature as of 9-15-11 and it won't be coming back. I got some type of BS answer as to why they removed it. I asked if I could get a copy of the saved queue, so I know what to search for when they become available again, and they said once it was removed, there is no way to retrieve the list. I have been a big supporter of NetSUX for a long time, even backing them up after the rate hike, but if they keep removing features, how do they expect to keep their customers around? While this is not a deal breaker for me, it sure is leading down the road to look for other options. Come on NETSUX, stop charging more and taking away features!!!
I just checked my Instant queue and the saved titles are now gone. This is really disappointing that they would take away this feature. I too left a lot of movies in there that I would like to see reappear into my queue when they become available again. I'm calling them to complain about this!
I've found this problem as well, and I simply just back out, and select the show again, and 90% of the time the button is there. I have not had this problem lately though. Hopefully they do find a fix for it soon.
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Aug 9, 2011