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Good piece. It makes the Second Amendment fetishists seem amazingly quaint and out of touch.
The Georgetown Journal of Legal Ethics ( is the leading journal on legal ethics. St. Mary's Law Journal publishes an annual special issue as the Journal on Legal Malpractice and Ethics. (
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It's "The Use of Unethical and Unconstitutional Practices and Policies by Prosecutors' Offices,"
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I just met with a Wolters Kluwer rep yesterday and I'm quite excited about trying the smart ebooks next semester. One red flag though: I just tried to access the review copy of the casebook I'm using this semester, only to find that is down, making the book inaccessible. Students can go ballistic over that sort of thing.
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I'm not sure about "recrimination," but from my conversations with some of the authors on this forum and in other contexts, I think many of those who write about these topics find they are, in fact, the only one who is thinking about these issues at their law school. Your dismissal of Robinson's comments because he is not a law professor, however, is quite typical, and coming from our faculty colleagues is another source of frustration for many of us. I agree completely with you that we ought not to rush headlong into radical changes. I don't agree, though, that the proper academic response is to bury our heads in the sand and not contemplate any changes. One response might be to undertake scenario planning as opposed to strategic planning: try to envision a number of possible futures, and prepare to be flexible enough to respond in a variety of ways as the way forward becomes clearer. In my experience, though, most faculty seem to assume that the changes in the legal market are temporary and at any rate need not affect the privileged lifestyle we have as law faculty.
Really? I wouldn't accept the premise of the question. I've too often seen charges of irrationality used to shut down women at faculty meetings who are "too emotional" and "take things too personally." "Irrationality" is notoriously loaded with gendered assumptions.
In view of all the current debates about the skyrocketing cost of legal education, massive student debt, and whether the current recession in the legal market is in fact a long-term, if not permanent, downturn, are any schools questioning whether we should really be continuing the hiring business-as-usual?
Both of the laterals hired by Buffalo are women.
Add Kim Diana Connolly to Buffalo from South Carolina.
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Mar 22, 2010