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Dudley, West Midlands, England
Right of Centre Political Activist. UKIP member and Campaign Against Political Correctness spokesman
Interests: politics, cricket,football, real ale,music,film
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I have just returned from a visit with my wife to the European Parliament in Brussels. As a long standing critic of the EU project, I expected to find a great many things that I would dissaprove of. However, I have always felt the Euro Sceptic argument is sold short... Continue reading
I am 40 Years old now. When I was a teenager I vividly remember walking along the street with a school mate of mine as he threw snowballs with bricks in the centre at the milk float passing us by. The look of shock on his face when the milkman... Continue reading
October is “Black History Month”. This is a time where events are held as a celebration of Caribbean, Asian and African cultures past and present. At first this seems like a reasonable idea and I personally believe that history in general is a subject that does not get sufficient attention.... Continue reading
Conservative principles are dead within the Conservative party and Clarke, May and Cameron have their blood on their handsI was recently told, by a very experienced Conservative politician that there was a difference between conservative principles and Conservative party policy.His point is proved on a daily basis by the actions of David Cameron and his front bench colleagues. Even by the standards of the Coalition this has been a shameful week.No sooner have we taken in the protests of Liam Fox about the absurdity of the Foreign aid budget rising while our defences are being dramatically cut, than Theresa May and Ken Clarke embarked on a twin pronged assault on conservative values.Theresa May’s efforts to cut the police budget and attack the wages and pensions of people who literally put their lives on the line to keep the public safe are shameful. The question asked by a policeman was particularly resonant, how does she sleep at night?Then we moved onto to the crowning glory of unconservatism, the mumbling of Ken Clarke. Mr Clarke’s career has been a procession of disgraceful betrayals of Conservative principle but his behaviour since becoming Justice Secretary have even exceeded his many years of attempting to force Britain into the Euro. His desire to cut expense at the cost of reducing sentences for criminals is an outrage. His latest ridiculous comments about the seriousness or otherwise of rape shows the man to be even more out of touch with reality and public opinion than normal. He seems to have forgotten the meaning of the word “justice”Conservative principles have traditionally included patriotism, strong defence, hard measures on crime and backing for the rule of law. This disgraceful government has abandoned all of these important values.Clarke, May and ultimately Cameron are guilty of heinous crime. They have murdered principle in the Conservative party. I can only hope the jury made up of the electorate punishes them severely at the next election Continue reading
The Unequal Battle Between The Preachers of Political Correctness and The British Tradition Of Free SpeechAnybody who reads the newspapers or watches current affairs and politics programmes will be familiar with the phenomenon of the social commentator. These are people who have written books on social issues and have then been accepted as an “expert” in a particular field of life. Often these people are very well off, having earned a fortune from their analysis of British society and their pontificating on its failings.One such “expert” is the notorious Yasmin Alibhai-Brown. This lady first made her name as an author but has since had a very healthy career as one of the chief exponents of Political Correctness and Multiculturalism. She has written in the Independent on these subjects as well as making regular TV appearances to promote her views.When I recently ran into controversy over my activities promoting The Campaign Against Political Correctness, I incurred the wrath of Y.A.B from her pulpit of live television. An episode of the Channel Five show “The Wright Stuff” featured a story about my wife and me.The incident under discussion dealt with our suspension and ultimate resignation from the Conservative party. We had dared to be photographed with a Golliwog doll as part of an ongoing debate about Political Correctness and the way it alters the public perception of certain words and items. This had been used by enemies within the local Conservative party to accuse us of behaviour that could bring the party into disrepute, clearly implying Racism. The party head office had suspended us without even listening to our side of the story, leaving us with only one honourable option, resignation.The TV programme discussed our case, once again without asking us for our side of the matter. During the debate Y.A.B seemed to be building into a frenzy of outrage at our heinous actions. Maybe it was my imagination but she actually appeared to be shaking with rage. Her mood was not improved by the fact that at least a few of the Black people in the studio audience could not see a problem with what we had done. She shook her head in disagreement at their comments and her face bore a look of disappointment.When the presenter of the programme made the point that we had only been trying to promote a discussion, Y.A.B actually said words to the effect that there are some subjects which are taboo and must not be discussed. In that moment the mask finally slipped and this screeching Harpy finally revealed her true mindset. In the twisted logic of Y.A.B you can have freedom of speech and speak your mind, just as long as you agree with her view of the world.This would be laughable if this were an isolated incident. Sadly it is not, Alibhai- Brown and her fellow priests of Political Correctness are everywhere, infesting our media with their strange and distorted view of reality. What is worse is that for very Alibhai – Brown, Toynby or Chakrabarti that we see in front of the cameras there are dozens more working away in the background doing everything they can to change society to suit their ideology. These were the cheerleaders of New Labour in its early days. They latterly jumped ships to the Liberal Democrats. Now bereft of a party in the wake of the Lib Dems suffering a nasty dose of the real world since joining Government, they are like lost souls without a body to inhabit but still seeking to effect the world of the living. The difference is that instead of need a Weeja Board to summon these unearthly voices we have the BBC and the Independent!At no point during this storm in a jam jar over a photo of two people holding a rag doll did we get an equal airing of our point of view. While Y.A.B and her colleagues speculated about our motives nobody thought to ask us what we were trying to achieve. Even more seriously, when the faceless Apparatchiks at Conservative head office passed judgement on us, they lacked the courtesy or interest to enquire as to our aims.The battle against Political Correctness and the forced, false orthodoxy of Multiculturism imposed on this country by Thirteen years of New Labour and sadly being maintained under the Coalition Government is a very unequal one. Those of us on the side of free speech and expression; free from state intervention are the underdogs in this battle. We lack the media support, the party machinery and the considerable wealth of those who would seek to have us know our place and shut our mouths.What we do have on our side is centuries of British tradition and the stubborn nature of our national character. British people of all Ethnicities and Religions have one thing that they hold dear above all else, we don’t like to be pushed around and told what we can and cant do or think. This stubborn streak has seen our nation through many difficult times in the past and if harnessed will see us through again.So Yasmin, we defy you and your friends whoever they may be and whatever positions of authority they may hold. We, the British people, won’t be told by you or anyone else what we can say or do. For all your pious ranting you cannot suppress our love of freedom and individuality and no matter what the odds we will always stand up for our right to free speech. Continue reading
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Jun 16, 2010